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Pole Mounted Dome Splice Enclosures
For External Networks

External Use Dome Enclosures

Dome D01 - 24 Fibres

Dome D02 - 48 Fibres

Dome D03 - 96 Fibres

Dome D04 - 144 Fibres

The Dome D-01 to 04 series is suitable for protecting fibre cable splices in branching applications.

The well-engineered, injection-moulded outer body and reliable sealing system makes it impenetrable to the elements providing protection for splices and ensuring reliability with usage in ambient temperatures from minus 40°C to plus 65 °C. 

It can be placed in aerial, pedestal, wall mounted, buried or duct mounted locations



Ø  Holds up to 144 fibres

Ø  Easy to re-enter

Ø  Multiple Cable entry/exit; 1 oval and 4 round

Ø  Integrated pressure valve

Ø  Termination and splice kit included

Ø  Integrated seal, airtight and waterproof

Ø  Ideal for cable repair

Ø  RoHS compliant

Ø  Can be used in through, branch or mid-span splice locations

Suitable for aerial, underground duct or direct burial applications
Summary of Kit Components

Ø  Main Enclosure (base and cover)
Ø  Mechanical Dome to Base sealing mechanism
Ø  Dome to Base Sealing ring
Ø  Earthing/Grounding point
Ø  Pole Mounting Kit
Ø  6 x Fibre Slice trays
Ø  1 x Fibre Basket for storing slack fibre
Ø  Nylon ties
Ø  Heat Shrink Splice protectors
Ø  Splice protective tube
Ø  Labelling paper
Ø  Insulating tape
Ø  PVC transparent hose
Ø  Heat Shrink Tube x 4
Ø  Dual Heat Shrink Tube
Ø  Silver Tape
Ø  Sand Paper
Ø  Branching Clip

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