M1000 Series MPO (MTP) Fibre Cables
For SR10 and LR10 100G and 120G

About the M1000 Series

The M1000 Series offers customers a complete MPO (MTP) based 100GBASE-SR10 and 100GBASE-LR10 end to end fibre network. The M1000 Series uses the MTP ELITE 24 fibre connector and Corning Clearcure and SMF28 glass cores to create the highest performaning 100G Ethernet fibre networks. Direct connect between 100G CFP transceivers or breakout into 10G ports.

About Complete Connect

Complete Connect are a UK based MPO (MTP) fibre cabling specialist. With four MPO (MTP) product series, we have networking solutions for all applications. Our focus is on providing the highest performing products possible, on shortest lead times and at highly competitive pricing.

M1000 Series SR10 Patch Cables
M1000 Series SR10 Breakout Cables
M1000 Series SR10 Trunk Cables
Single Channel (24 Fibre)
Two Channel (48 Fibre)
Three Channel (72 Fibre)
Four Channel (96 Fibre)
Six Channel (144 Fibre)
M1000 Series Conversion Cables
M1000 Series Loopback Cable
M1000 Series PLR10 Cables
M1000 Series Cables for Cisco CPAK
M Series Modular Cassettes and Panels


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