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200G QSFP-DD Fibre Cabling

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200G Fibre Cabling

200G Ethernet over Multimode and Singlemode Fibre

Although most equipment manufacturers (Cisco, Juniper, Arista, etc) are bypassing 200G and jumping form 100G to 400G, there are still some 200G QSFP-DD transceivers on the market. Complete Connect offer the M1000 Series to enable cabling of these transceivers to each other and to multiple 25G SFP28 transceivers.

The M1000 Series includes MTP conversion cables to enable existing 10G and 40G trunks to be used for upgrades and also breakout cables to connect 200G transceivers to 100G, 40G and 25G ports or transceivers.

M400 Series 100G to 50G

Simplified Single Channel Structured Cabling

A fibre network that supports 200GBASE-SR8 is based around fibre channels utilising 16 cores (8 transmit and 8 receive 25G pairs) over multimode fibre.

Typically, 200G multimode transmission is preferred within short reach applications such as Data Centres or LAN environments as the overall cost (transceivers and cabling) is approximately 10 to 15 times less than similar transmission over singlemode.

Adding new SR8 channels to a network can be easily achieved using the M1000 Series.

M Series 1U and 3U panels offer MPO (MTP) port presentation for connection between SR10 trunk cables and SR10 patch cords. The modular system enables adding one channel at a time. This avoids excessive spend and allows a “grow on demand” approach.

Breakout 200G into 25G Channels

Using M1000 Series cassettes or breakout cables.

M1000 Series PLR10 Singlemode Cassette
MTP - LC breakout harness cables

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