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The M400 Series from Complete Connect

The M400 Series offers customers a complete MPO (MTP ) based 40GBASE-SR4 and 100GBASE-SR4 end to end fibre network. The M400 Series includes MTP conversion cables to enable existing 10G trunks to be used for upgrades and also breakout cables to connect SR4 QSFP+ and QSFP28 transceivers to multiple 10G or 25G ports respectively.

MTP Patch Cables

M403 EFEF Patch Cords

M404 EFEF Patch Cord

M312 MTP Singlemode 12 Fibre Trunk Cable

MTP to LC 8 Fibre Breakout Cables

sr4 mpo mtp lc 8 fibre om3 breakout Cable

sr4 mpo mtp lc 8 fibre om4 breakout Cable

M400 PLR4 Singlemode Breakout Cable

Single Channel Trunk Cables

M313 MTP 12 Fibre OM3 Trunk Cable

M314 MTP OM4 12 Fibre Trunk Cable

M312 MTP Singlemode 12 Fibre Trunk Cable

3 Channel Trunk Cables

40G MTP Trunk Cable

40G MTP Trunk Cable

M402 24 Fibre Singlemode Trunk Cable

M400 Series High Fibre Count Trunk Cables
48 Fibre
72 Fibre
96 Fibre
144 Fibre
M400 Series Loopback Cables
M400 Series Conversion Cables
M400 Series Mini LC Breakout Cables


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