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Complete Connect / M1000 / Emergence in demand for 8 and 16 fibre MPO/MTP cables
mpo mtp 16 fibre connector

Emergence in demand for 8 and 16 fibre MPO/MTP cables

Utilising 8 and 16 fibre MPO/MTP connectors. For even higher data rates.

Technology developments indicate that transmission speeds ranging from 4G to 400G will be based on 2 or 8 fibre connectivity solutions and so the demand for fibre networks that use connectors and cables with 2, 8 or 16 fibres is going to increase. Matching the fibre networking to the equipment will improve link performance, fibre utilisation and reduce rack space requirements.

Benefits of using 8 fibre and 16 fibre cables

Cost Benefits

  1. 100% fibre utilisation on QSFP+ 40G and 56G transmission.
  2. Remove the need for conversion modules.

Performance Benefits

  1. Reduce link attenuation enabling longer parallel link distances.
  2. Reduce no. of mated MTP® connector pairs in the links.

Installation Benefits

  1. Cleaner mapping between 8-fibre and duplex fibre channels.
  2. Cleaner connections for blades.
  3. Reduce rack space.

Keeping 8- and 16-fibre networking separate

An offset key on the connector stops connection to MTP-12 or MTP-24 fibre connectors

mpo mtp 16 fibre connector with offset key

Complete Connect offer a complete fibre networking solution based on 8- and 16-fibre cables and connectors.

As with all our solutions, Corning® glass and MTP® ELITE® ferrules are used as well as high grade singlemode ferrules (in OM3 and OM4 products) to maximise performance.

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