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About Complete Connect

The UK’s MTP® Specialists

Who are We

Complete Connect is a London-based SME focused on providing own brand factory terminated MTP fibre networking and high data rate optics.

With a business model designed solely to produce high quality plug-and-play data centre networking, Complete Connect has been able to offer its customers a better all-round offering since the early days of MPO connector development.

Our focus enables us to offer the widest MTP product range, with the best optical performance, on the shortest lead times and at highly competitive prices.

Our focus also means we can bring new products to market quicker and offer customised options such as our 100G breakout cassettes, 200G conversion cables or customised Prizm LightTurn assemblies.

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Our Story


MPO Connectors First Developed


MPO Connectors performance improved


M310 Series with MTP ELITE Connectors launched


Lead times reduced to 5 days through UK manufacturing


M400 Series launched for 40G SR4 and PLR4


M1000 Series launched for 100G SR10 and PLR10


MX Series launched for ultra high density


Complete Connect Optics division launched


MX8 Series launched for BASE-8


MTP 48 fibre and 72 fibre launched
Prizm lightTurn assembly manufacturing launched

Meet one of the team this is Tony
He doesn’t come to work dressed like that, but he certainly comes to work with the same passion and drive.
Tony has been in the fibre networking industry since 2003 in both the UK and USA.
Tony’s job is to offer front line support to our customers.
He is just one of the team that offer instant technical support, advice and specifications.
If you would like to talk to him or another member of our team just click on the chat icon (bottom right of the screen)
What we do defines us
  Focused on manufacturing the best MTP fibre systems
  Offer fast manufacturing on 5 day lead times
  Provide a complete range of standard and custom products
  Stock a wide range of MTP product for 10G, 40G and 100G
  Always available to offer technical support
What we are not also defines us
Not a faceless large multinational
Not a distributor of thousands of other people’s products
 Not a re-seller of other brands
 Not a “press 1 for sales”
 Not an online shop
Who our customers are says a lot about what we offer
  Blue chip corporates
  Government agencies
  Data centre hosting companies
  European research institutes

If you are looking for a provider of quality pre-terminated fibre systems who can offer flexibility, advice and support and will be able to deliver on installs ranging from a few cabinet interconnects to an entirely new fibre infrastructure, why not see how we can help?



+44 (0) 20 8286 6529

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