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Our Responsibilities

Ensuring we operate
Ethically, honestly and sustainably

Protecting our people, our customers, our suppliers and the future.

Managing our social, environmental and people responsibilities

We focus on the following areas to ensure we are meeting our goal to be a socially and environmentally friendly company.
All areas are pro-actively managed and reviewed on an annual basis. All our people are encouraged to contribute to improving these areas and new ways of working and changes to our processes are continually adopted.
We are fully aware that the IT industry is one of the fastest moving sectors for new product development and introduction. Whilst efforts to minimize environmental impacts are considered at every stage of a product’s lifecycle, within our particular product set it is the manufacturing and transport stages that have the greatest impact.
We recognize the importance of being a responsible member of the community and this includes ensuring that we bring environmentally friendly products to market and work in an environmentally friendly manner.
This is important for us but also for our partners and suppliers around the globe. We aim to make our supply chain as environmentally friendly as possible.

Complete Connect Board of Directors

For our People

We ensure that we go beyond the legal requirements and aim to give all our people a better work/life balance. For example,

  1. All employees receive at least 15% above the living wage for their location.
  2. All employees receive at least 30 days annual holiday
  3. All employees are offered flexible working
  4. Are employees given training and development opportunities in the course of their work
  5. No employees are on zero hour contracts.

Through the implementation of our policy we can ensure we are an equal opportunities employer.

Understanding and pro-actively managing our impact on the environmental

We are pro-actively managing our business to minimize the use of resources. This include some of the following: –

  1. Driving to become a paperless organisation
  2. Recycling as much packaging as possible
  3. Splitting waste to maximise recycling
  4. Reducing our power consumption
  5. Reducing travel by conducting more meetings via video conferencing
  6. Trying to minimize our order/delivery ratio and our order/receipt ratio
  7. Introducing company electric cars

For more information please see our environmental policy via the above link in the sub menu.

Socially responsible investing

Complete Connect does not invest in companies it considers to be unethical.

Charitable activities

Complete Connect reviews its charitable organisation donate a proportion of its income to a designated charity
All of our people are allowed time off from work to support local charitable causes.


+44 (0)20 8286 6529

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