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Loose tube pre-terminated fibre

Custom Length Pre-Terminated Fibre

Fibre networking has changed. On-site terminations have been superseded with machine polished direct terminated connectors that simplify the installation process whilst ensuring error-free performance.

Datacentres, local area networking (LAN), campus wide area networks, CCTV, broadcast the military and many more markets require a reliable solution to hand, on time and in proper working order and this is why people speak to us. We are able to offer a wide variety of pre-terminated fibre cable options from short single assembly cabinet to cabinet links to larger more complex (custom) infrastructure solutions. But what are the main choices you need to make when choosing a pre-terminated fibre optic cable from the team at Complete Connect? You have a number of primary choices that you will need to make, so what exactly are they?

Step #1: Choose Your Fibre Construction – You have the option to select either Tight Buffered, (For internal applications) Loose Tube, (For external applications) or a more resilient CST/STA construction.

Step#2: Choose Your Fibre Type – OM1, OM2. OM3, OM4 or Singlemode are all available.

Step #3: Choose Your Core Count – How many cores do you want? Remember two cores equals one duplex link and you can select anywhere from 2-24 cores as standard. We do offer higher than 24 core counts for select applications.

pre-terminated tight buffered specification
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Step #4: Choose Your Connectors – You may select two of the same connectors or decide to mix and match each ends or possibly even different cores. You can choose a polish from PC/UPC/APC and our standard connectors are FC, LC, SC & ST, E2000 and MU.

Step #5: Choose Your Length– Select the length that best fits your application requirements. Some manufacturers only offer set lengths, however at Complete Connect, you can have the exact length of fibre you require.

Step #6: Choose Your Style of Breakout – Complete Connect offers 900um, 2.0 and 3.0mm break out options in either a fan-out or staggered construction

Step #7: Select Any Additional Options – Would you like a pulling sock? Would you prefer your custom pre-terminated assembly on a reel or coiled in a bag? Please outline any additional specifications you have for your custom pre-terminated assembly.

Our solutions are fully warranted and constructed and manufactured to your exact specifications using only the best available optical cables and connectors.  Supplied with full test and performance certificates and are shipped directly to your site of choice ready for immediate installation, no contractors, no mess, no time wasted.

Our lead times for pre-terminated fibre cables are some of the best in Europe ranging anywhere from 2-5 days.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements, you won’t be disappointed.
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