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The Data Centre has changed

Have you changed the way you connect?

Data centres have seen big changes in the last 5-10 years having evolved from the old mainframe (Unix) style of data connectivity terminals through to the Intel and server based environments and now moving on to SAN, and ‘Big Data’ capable platforms that we see today.

data centre fibre networking

Increase Data Access

Connectivity and bandwidth requirements have multiplied. More users, more demands, more applications.

Re-defined standards

TIA 942-A and ISO 24764 help define the delivery and management of capacity, network growth and migration to higher data rates.

Reduce costs

Lower relative operating costs, increase efficiency and performance. More ports per rack. Higher data rates per port.faster moves and changes.

Reduce operating costs within the Data Centre
  1. Match network expansion to specific requirements with modular pluggable Click-2-Connect™ fibre links
  2. Avoid cable build-up in cabinets / pathways and spaces by reducing cabling space by over 65%
  3. Reduce patching rackspace requirements through the use of hydra cables, Zero U cable management and MTP – MTP patching fields
  4. Remove blocks to air circulation and hot spots- use of reduced depth panels and small cable diameters
  5. Reduce network complexity and subsequent issues with channel identification
  6. Maximise port utilization by using multi-fibre connectors

Financial Benefits


Increase performance of the Data Centre
  1. Match capital expenditure to specific network expansion requirements (managing a better ROI) by using modular expansion.
  2. Use 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) , InfiniBand and Fibre Channel to improve performance and bandwidth aggregation.
  3. Allows easier migration paths to 40GbE and 100GbE.
  4. Enables scalability to very high density/high port count infrastructures.
  5. Enable 100 Gigabit Ethernet

Operational Benefits

Improve MACs
  1. Reduce installation times by 70% with our Click-2-Connect™ technology
  2. Reduce access required to data centre by avoiding the requirement for 3rd party installation
  3. Enable changes to be made using in-house personnel
  4. Reliably migrate to meet future scalability & bandwidth requirements.
  5. Enable fast equipment and application change
Some Specific Benefits of the M Series from Complete Connect
  1. Lead times of 3 – 5 days as compared to 3 – 8 weeks from other brands
  2. Utilisation of both the MTP Standard Connector and the MTP Elite Connecter ensures the best value solution
  3. Ability to mix MTP solutions with traditional pre-terminated solutions
  4. 100% Satisfaction Promise
  5. Price Guarantee – expect to make savings of between 35% and 55%
  6. Bespoke Data Centre SAN Director Cabling Kits
  7. Phased purchase options to match expenditure to network growth

Use with SAN Directors

Patch for blades
Brocade DCX / Nexus 7000 / HP Force 10

The value of integrating high-density MTP cabling solutions into the cabinet becomes even more evident when deploying very high port count cabling solutions such as those needed for SAN Directors.

Port counts within cabinets housing SAN Directors can scale upwards of over 700 ports, requiring routing of over 1500 fibres within a single 19-inch cabinet. Use of MTP trunk cabling couple with MTP Harnesses can integrate into the cabinet with minimal rackspace requirement and aid airflow efficiency within the cabinet.

Each MTP to LC 12 fibre or 24 fibre harnesses can plug into the front of the adapter plates (288 fibre per 1U) and are then easily routed over to the director line cards where the LC duplex (or Simplex) ends are plugged into the line card ports.

The harnesses can be pre-engineered to a precise length to minimize slack, while a small cable diameter allows for easy routing without bend concerns.

Utilization of harnesses customized for interfacing with high-port-count system electronics provides ease of installation and re-configuration in the data centre.

Each LC duplex connector is factory-terminated on 2mm or 1.8mm furcation tubes and staggered to remove congestion at the director port interface.

These MTP harnesses remove around 70% of cabling congestion in the cabinet and in the SAN Director’s.

The added benefit is the reduced time required for SAN cabling and port mapping architecture.

Modular Expansion on Demand

mtp cassette 3U and 1U housing

The move from the traditional low-density patch panel, duplex patch cord and tight bufffered fibre network to a high-density MTP cassette and trunk based cabling solution with microcore cable (65% less weight and space) enables the physical layer to be implemented in a manner that provides manageability, flexibility and scalability in the data centre.

This creates a fibre cabling backbone which can be easily reconfigured at the patch panel and where the physical cable size enable larger cable counts to be added at rack level, plus the with ease of adding extra fibre links when required so that new equipment and applications can be quickly added.

With installation reduced to simply adding a trunk cable and plugging in the MTP panels, adaptors or MTP cassettes and also with no requirement to add additional “dark” fibres at extra costs the installation time and labour costs are dramatically reduced.

Moreover, enabling these changes to be done in-house with no field-work on site ensure flexibility and cleanliness are maintained with the installation. Overall, deploying a modular, high-density MTP-based fibre cabling solution will increase speed of change with moves, adds and changes (MACs).

Some Specific Benefits of MTP Solutions
M400 40G module multimode

Zero-u space connectivity that maximizes the rack unit space available

Better port mapping from the Main Distribution Area to the SAN Director reducing design and installation time.

MTP Assemblies such as hybrid trunks / harnesses connect directly to the high-density MTP backbone cabling infrastructure that simplifies and improves the initial speed of deployment and future MACs as well as promoting airflow efficiency within the cabinet

Full integration of the backbone MTP cable assemblies into the cabinet providing a streamlined approach to deploying trunk cabling.

Reduction in physical cable size in the cabinet and SAN Director back plane of over 70% compared to traditional cabling methods

Highly modular system that can be easily reconfigured to meet future data centre networking requirements

Microcore RBS cabling system with high-density cabling reduces bulk cabling in pathways and spaces by over 65%

Additionally, high-density factory-terminated MTP trunk assemblies simplify and streamline network deployment with installation time savings of over 70% compared to traditional optical solutions.

High bandwidth OM3 and OM4 increases the life cycle of the cabling infrastructure by providing headroom to handle higher-data-rate applications such as 8 to 128 Gigabit Fibre Channel and 1 to 100 Gigabit Ethernet.

Enables the transmission of serial and parallel signals. Parallel optic technologies such as InfiniBand and emerging 40GbE and 100GbE only operate over the base MTP trunk infrastructure.

MTP to LC or SC duplex connector cassettes and harnesses enable serial communication.Add low port count cassettes (12 fibre) in server cabinets reduce costs of installation.

The built-in modularity of the solution provides flexibility to easily configure and re-configure the cabling infrastructure to meet current and future networking requirements.

Harnesses and modules can be exchanged or completely removed from the backbone network to quickly adapt to datacentre MACs.

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