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Pre-terminated Fibre Factory Termination Process

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Fibre networking has changed

On-site termination has been superseded with machine polished direct terminated connectors

Factory fibre termination

MTP Terminations

All MTP terminations are carried out by fully qualified technicians who follow the US Conec process for MT ferrule termination.

This process includes:

  • Preparation of cable and fibre for termination
  • Direct Termination using approved products and heating ovens
  • Machine Polishing using a multi-step polishing process
  • Full microscopic visual inspection and passing of IEC visual acceptance criteria
  • Interferometric examination of ferrule endface geometry including meeting IEC geometry parameters
  • Insertion loss and return loss testing

All equipment, such as interferometers and polishing machines, are set-up and regularly re-calibrated according to the required parameter

MTP 24 fibre connector

Connectors directly terminated onto core fibre and factory polished give the best performance


Lowest Insertion Losses

Multi-stage polishing

Direct connectorisation

High grade ferrules

More Product Options

Ruggedised tails

Hydra cables

Multifibre connectors (MPO)

Stringently tested

More stringnt criteria

Mulit-test process

More sophisticated equipment

Standard Single Fibre Connector Termination

We use a two component, high temperature epoxy designed for semiconductor, hybrid, fiber optic, and medical applications. We choose this epoxy as it is known throughout the world for its performance and reliability.

The epoxy meets Telecordia 1221 and is designed specifically to seal fiber into ferrules, transmitting light in the optical pathway from 800- 1550 nm range and for fiber component packaging – adhesive for active alignment of optics, environmental seal of opto-package and V-groove arrays.

All our pre-terminated products are 100% machine polished. We use multi speed polishing machines with precision fibre optic abrasives and put all our pre-terms through a multi-stage polishing process.

Each connector type/fibre combination has a multi-stage process where polishing speeds and abrasive grades at each stage are tailored to produce the highest performance possible.

Inspections are carried out at each stage of the polishing process and a pass has to be achieved before the next stage is started.

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