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M Series Fibre Optic Splitter Cables

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Fibre Optic Splitter Cables

What is a fibre optic splitter cable?

A fibre optic splitter cable enables a source signal (input data or Tx signal) to be split so that the data from the source can be sent to two or more separate outputs (output data and secondary output etc or Rx1, Rx2, RX3… RxN).

The complete data set is received at all outputs. There is no splitting of the data between outputs.

A variety of connectors, cable lengths and fibre cable constructions can be used to produce a fibre optical splitter cable in both multimode and singlemode fibre.

LC Duplex Connected to Splitter
MTP to LC Splitter
Where can fibre optical splitter cables be used?

Fibre splitters can be inserted into an existing network at any point along the channel. The main restriction on their use and position is caused due to the optical loss within the splitter.

With a broad range of product options available, it is possible to make a cable that matches the requirement.

All of Complete Connect’s optical splitter cables are made-to-order to meet specific requirements.

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MTP Optical Fibre Splitter Cables

These type of cables are ideal for todays’s data centre networks. Offering low latency across the cable and a range of product options, Complete Connect’s MTP splitter cable portfolio will have a cable to suit most applications.

For 40GbE or 100GbE Port Monitoring

A splitter cable can be introduced to monitor traffic at a 40GbE or 100GbE port. These cables can offer one-way monitoring or bi-directional monitoring. Optical loss within these channels is a prime consideration.

For MTP Trunk cable monitoring

By inserting an optical splitter cable between an MTP trunk cable and MTP cassette, traffic into the cassette or out of the cassette can be monitored.

MTP to MTP x2 Splitter
Housing Splitters with Fibre Managment Panels and Breakout Boxes

As well as making fibre optic splitter cables Complete Connect can offer panels with multiple cables to any specification.

The example shown opposite has twelve LC input ports and twenty four LC output ports.

As with all splitter products the signal split can vary from 50:50 to 90:10.

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