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Hydra Trunk Fibre Cables

Reduce rack space requirement

For Telcomms and Data Centre Applications

Reduce Cabling with Hydra Trunk Fibre Cables. Ideal for Direct Equipment Connection

Complete Connect’s range of hydra trunk cables offer customers a way of creating multiple rack to rack direct equipment connections without using multiple fibre patch cords.
Available in a range of core counts and using a micro cable construction, these hydra trunk cables save space, enable a tight bend radius and can be made with a variety of tail configurations to match port positions.
There are numerous hydra trunk cable options available within our M310 Series. These include core count, connector type (LC, FC, ST, E2000, MU), any combination of connectors, as well as any staggering of the tails from the breakout unit at each end.
M310 LC-LC Hyrda Trunk Cable Singlemode 12 Fibre
Product Example: 24 Core with no Stagger on Tails
M310 OM4 LC to LC Hydra Trunk Cable

Available in a Wide Range of Options

Core Counts: 12, 24, 36 and 48 fibre

Complete Connect’s hydra trunk cables are made with a micro core cable construction, breakout units and 2mm ruggedised tails. Micro core cable is a light and flexible internal use cable which has a small bend radius that enables the cables to be run directly into cabinets. For example, 24 core cable if offered with only a 3mm diameter.

Fibre Type: Multimode (OM3 and OM4), Singlemode (OS2), G657.A1 and G657.A2

Our most popular configuration is using G657.A2 singlemode fibre and staggered tails with either LC connectors or E2000 connectors. However, any combination if available.

Tail Configuration

Complete Connect’s breakout unit enables patch cord style ends to be presented. The tail lengths can be configured to match the port spacing within your racks.
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Hydra Trunk Cable Product Examples

Product Example: 12 Core with no Stagger Duplex LC Tails
M310 LC LC Hydra Trunk Cable
Product Example: 24 Core with no Stagger Duplex LC Tails and Simplex SC Tails
M310 LC ST Hydra Trunk Cable

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