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Hydra Trunk Fibre Cables

Reduce rack space requirement

As one of the leading pre-terminated fibre suppliers, we have years of experience in providing a range of pre-terminated fibre connectivity options for our customers.

Complete Connect’s hydra trunk cables offer customers a “fibre management free” connectivity option which requires zero rackspace. These cables are ideal for connecting directly to equipment, particularly for high density fibre areas.

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There are several cabling solutions that enable network managers to connect equipment directly without the use of in-rack fibre management, such as patch panels.

All options require the use of ruggesdised tails on the backbone fibre.
Adding ruggedised ends to a tight buffered, loose tube or micro core cable. Simplex or duplex connectors.

Typical Solution – Micro Cable Loose Tube Cable

  1. Great bend radius
  2. Light and small (3mm diameter)
  3. Tail lengths to 1.5
hydra trunk fibre cable

Typical Solutions for premise networks

Standard solution

Offering 4 to 24 core fibre with ruggedised tails at both ends. Allowing direct equipment to equipment connection.
Each tail length can be a unique length and up to 1.5m long (as measured from the breakout unit)

tight buffered
loose tube
micro core cable

Fibre patch panel to equipment

2 to 12 port connections; achieved using a 1U patch panel and patch cords at one end and ruggedised tails at the other end.
tight buffered cable
loose tube

A Complete Range of Product Options

All Fibre Grades

OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4* (ISO/IEC 60793) and Singlemode – OS1/OS2

All Fibre Connectors

LC, SC, ST, FC, E2000, Angled, Simplex and Duplex

Fibre Core Count

4 core / 8 core / 12 core / 16 core / 24 core

Fibre Cables

Loose Tube, Microcore Cable, Crush Resistant,
Steel Tape Armoured / Corregated Steel Tape

Customise Tail Lengths

2mm tails up to 2m in length
Optional right angle boots

The Highest Performing Connectorisation

Termination Process

Directly terminating connectors to core fibres
Machine polish using a multi-stage process
Standard exceeded – IEC 61753, 61754, 61755

Typical Performance

MM – IL (typ) 0.30 dB,
SM (UPC or APC) – IL (typ) 0.25 dB; Return Loss 55/65 dB

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