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40G, 56G, 100G and 120G

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InfiniBand; For 40G, 56G, 100G and 120G

A Brief Overview of InfiniBand

InfiniBand™ has grown its market share over the past few years and is now the I/O fabric interconnect of choice for many organisations deploying virtualised or HPC platforms.

Primarily used to co-ordinate server and processing resources, InfiniBand™ greatly increases the efficiency of storage area networks and servers. The lane speeds for InfiniBand™ connectivity continue to increase at a pace in order to keep up with the demands for enhanced and robust performance whilst being able to process complex application data quickly and without error.


Transmission Over Both Copper and Fibre

M400 MTP 12 Fibre Trunk Cable

InfiniBand™ architectures can support both active and passive copper cables (up to 30 meters) as well as a wide range of optical cables (up to 10 km).

Complete Connect InfiniBand® cables provide connectivity for 1x, 4x and 12x speeds covering all data rates; SDR, DDR, QDR, FDR and EDR

Parallel Optics With the QSFP+ Transceiver

The most common optical cable connector is the QSFP+ (SFF-08436). This is used primarily for 4x speeds at QDR or FDR data rates and gives a combined aggregate bandwidth of 40Gb/s (QDR) or 56Gb/s (FDR).

The QSFP+ interface from major manufacturers use the MT ferrule. This 12 fibre ferrule is the same ferrule used in the MTP connector by US Conec and is the same ferrule used across Complete Connect’s M Series.

QSFP+ 40G Transceiver Module
Complete Connect offer an integrated data centre fibre infrastructure
Supporting all requirements upto 200G Ethernet
MPO Cassette to Casssette 1G to 10G to 25G duplex fibre networking
mpo mtp modular cassette 24 fibre
40G SR4 and 100G SR4 Ethernet. Using parallel transmission
MPO MTP M310 Series OM4 12 Fibre Patch Cord
100G SR10 LR10 Ethernet and InfiniBand fibre networking
cisco cpak sr10 compatible mpo cable

Fibre Optic InfiniBand Connectivity

Complete Connect fibre InfiniBand™ solutions are available for deployment where shorter reach copper solutions are not viable.
Fibre InfiniBand™ cables can offer significant deployment advantages over copper cables such as a significantly extended link lengths a smaller diameter and tighter bend radius and more flexible routing options in tighter infrastructure spaces.
M Series IB MTP® Patch Cables (40G, 56G and 120G)
M Series IB MTP Harness Cables (40G, 56G and 120G)
Optical Transceivers
AOC Cables
M400 MTP 12 Fibre Patch Cable

Copper InfiniBand Connectivity

DAC QSFP+ to SFP+ Breakpout Cable
Complete Connect InfiniBand™ active and passive copper cables are available in a variety of shorter distances from stock as well as custom link lengths that provide, high density and high bandwidth connectivity at a relatively low cost point.
We are able to support 1X, 4X and 12X speeds covering SDR, DDR and QDR data rates with CX4, MiniSAS, SFP and QSFP+ form types.
Please contact us for further information on our range of passive and active InfiniBand™ copper cables.


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