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Internal Fibre Links

PTX 100 Series

About the PTX 100 Series

The PTX 100 Series offers customers a pre-terminated end to end internal fibre network. Multiple racks can be easily connected with our range of factory terminated cables and wide range of fibre management products.

All products are supplied with protective pulling tubes, longer lengths are supplied on reels and all products are factory terminated using a multistage polishing process to ensure consistent high performance.


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About Complete Connect

Complete Connect are a UK based pre-terminated fibre cabling specialist with both MPO (MTP) product series and standard pre-terminated fibre options.  Our focus is on providing the highest performing products possible, on shortest lead times and at highly competitive pricing.

Typical Applications of the PTX 100 Series
data centre fibre networking

Connect between data and server racks

For internal backbone networking there are several options. By far the most commonly used is a tight buffered cable with 1U patch panels.

Our tight buffered pre-terminated cables come with glands for patch panel connection pre-attached and with heavy duty pulling socks over the connectors.

Tight buffered cable is the choice for most applications because it has 900um buffered fibre cores which provide easy handling for installation, has a good bend radius and is low cost.

Connections to Breakout Areas

For internal networking to breakout areas, such as fibre to the desk or fibre to an annex tight buffered cable can be used with 1U patch panels in the comms room and floor or wall boxes at the far end.

Small tamperproof floor / wall boxes can be located discretely in confined spaces, or for larger requirements lockable termination boxes with up to 196 fibres can be wall mounted.

data centre fibre cabling
PTX 100 Series Fibre Cable Options

PTX Tight Buffered 4 Core to 24 Core

The standard choice for most applications. 900um buffered fibres enable easy handling for installation into patch panels or breakout boxes

PTX Dry Loose tube Micro Cable, 12 to 24 core

A lighter, more flexible option with a smaller external diameter enables higher density cabling.

PTX Breakout Cable, 12 to 24 core

For short distances where direct equipment connection is required.

PTX Duplex Patch Cables. Flat Twin Duplex, 3mm sheath and 2mm sheath

Standard stock and bespoke patch cord options.

PTX 100 Series Fibre Management
LC 96 fibre 1U patch panel

PTX 1U 19″ Slide and Tilt LC Fibre Patch Panel

48 Port with LC presentation / 96 fibre capacity
Fibre patch panel with LC ports

PTX 1U 19″ Slide and Tilt LC Fibre Patch Panel

24 Port with LC presentation / 48 fibre capacity
SC Patch Panel

PTX 1U 19″ Slide and Tilt LC Fibre Patch Panel

24 Port with SC presentation / 24 or 48 fibre capacity
Benefits from using the PTX 100 Series

Lower cost of installation

The speed of installation and the guaranteed performance ensure a lower cost with no re-work required

Improved performance

Connectors are terminated directly onto the fibre cores. There are no splices. The connectors are then polished with machines to give a consistently high UPC finish

High volume and clean install

With a minimal amount of on-site work, large volumes can be installed in short time frames.

Simple, Fast, Tool-less installation

1. Mount the panels into the cabinets

2. Pull the cable into position

3. Connect the pre-terminated fibre

4. Clean connectors. Start patching

Simple Installation


Pre-terminated fibre cable

Fibres supplied on triple flange drum

Enables easy pulling of cables

Pulling socks to protect connectors, full test certificates included
fibre patch panel ready for pre-terminated fibre cables

Arrange the bunny clips in the panel

This maintains internal fibre bend radius

Use our step by step installation guide for perfect results
Pre-terminated fibre pulling sock attached

Pull the pre-terminated fibre cable into position

Pre-attached gland removes the strain on the fibres

The pulling sock protects the connects
Pre-terminated fibre pre-attached gland

Remove the pulling socks. Connect the gland to the panel rear

Locking nut supplied

900um buffered fibres are easy to handle
Simple Installation


Pre-terminated fibre attached to patch panel

The cable is now ready to connect

Use the bunny clips to maintain bend radius

Colour coded fibres ensure correct connection
pre-terminated fibre inside a patch panel

A tidy and well managed panel

Use our step by step installation guide

Achieve high density fibre connectivity
LC Duplex cleaning tool

Use professional dry residue connector cleaning tools

Clean all patch panel ports and patch cords prior to connection

LC cleaning tools and SC cleaning tools offer over 500 cleans
Why Choose Complete Connect’s PTX Series

Our Price Match Promise

We can offer you the best products at the most competitive prices and you have our price promise to back this up

Full Product Warranty

Peace of mind. Everything comes protected by our warranty.

Performance Guaranteed

Full test results. Professional connector cleaning tools. High grade connectors


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