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Connect Direct to Equipment Cabinets

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Connect Direct to Equipment Cabinets

Solution Summary

Complete Connect can provide a number of solutions to connect your Main, Horizontal and Equipment Distribution Areas. The solutions shown on these webpages use a combination of our 24 fibre MTP/LC cassettes mounted in both our 3U and 1U housing panels and also uses our MTP coupler plates mounted in the same 1U panels. In the topology shown on this webpage, the Main Distribution Area (MDA) is always connected to Equipment Areas (EAs) via a Horizontal Distribution Areas (HDAs).

Easy roll out

Each HDA can support any number of equipment racks and is usually located at end of aisle or center aisle and allows for diverse routing of primary and secondary cabling. The cross connects within the HDA enable inter-aisle connectivity, ease of access and can reduce overall cabling distances. In the figure above the two HDAs are M310 1U MTP through coupler housing panels. Each one of these 1U panels offers up to 288 fibres (144 pairs).

Maximum use of rackspace

Each 1U panel can also hold M310 24 fibre cassettes and so other options include have a 72 LC fibre presentation with LC cross connects or a mix of LC and MTP connectivity in the HDA.

Typical Application for this Solution

1. For small self contained networks such as pods within a co-location data centre
2. Main Distribution Area (MDA) can connect 12 fibres to up to 28 Equipment Cabinets (EC)
3. Areas for gradual network expansion
4. Areas where there is minimal available rackspace for fibre cabling
5. Total flexibility to connect any of the 28 cabinets to any of the others
4. MDA to EC fibre cabling can have a primary and a secondary route.


The Benefits

1. Provides a high level of flexibility at all points for future moves and changes
2. Expanding the network to include more cabinets is straightforward
3. Easy upgrade path to 40Gbps ethernet
5. LC connections in all equipment cabinets
6. LC connections with in the MDA for maximum flexibility at the cross connection point
7. HDA can connect directly to SAN directors via MTP hydra cables (MTP – LC Harnesses)

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Connecting Main Distribution Area to Each Equipment Area
M310 24 fibre MTP-LC Cassettes (x14)
M310 3U Housing Panel
Capacity: 168 LC duplex connections
presenting 168 fibre pairs
M310 24 fibre MTP-LC Cassettes (x3)
M310 1U Housing Panel
Capacity: 72 LC duplex connections
presenting 72 fibre pairs
M310 24 Fibre MTP Trunk cable
Complete Connect Low Loss Premium
LC Duplex Patch Cord
M310 MTP Coupler Plates
M310 1U Housing Panel
Capacity: 24 MTP-MTP connections presenting
144 fibre pairs
M310 12 fibre MTP trunk cable enabling more diverse routing
mtp 3u modular cassette panel


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