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MX Series: Financial and Operational Benefits

New demands need new solutions

Data centres and corporate networks are changing significantly to accommodate the drive and demand for faster access to virtualised networks and cloud computing.

Fibre and particularly pre-terminated fibre is now dominant in today’s data centres and high speed networks because of bandwidth capabilities, port density, security, upgradability and ease of installation.

Within the pre-terminated fibre portfolio, MTP (MPO) based networking has established itself as the leading technology.

The Complete Connect MX Series 1G to 25G solution is an end to end MTP based high performing fibre networking solution that meets current operational and financial demands.

MX Series Financial Benefits

Improve your ROI

Lower Total Over-life Cost of Ownership. When taking into account the product cost, the installation cost, upgrades and MACs, modular MTP based solutions have shown considerable saving against traditional fibre solutions.

No dark fibre

The modular approach to fibre networking ensures only fibre you need is added. This is possible because the installation can be done quickly and easily at a convenient time.

Match Expenditure with Specific Business Needs

Match Capital expenditure on fibre networking directly against business need. The very nature of the MTP cassette enables 24 fibre links to be added as required with no external support and installed in minutes.

Reduced cost to upgrade

Often when moving from 10G to 40G the cassettes are swapped out for MTP adaptor plates. These cassettes can then be re-used in other parts of the network.

MX Series Operational Benefits

mtp fibre networking

Improve installation and MAC times

Self-installable means fast MACs when you need it most. With no on-site termination required and simple 100% plugable MTP cassettes, it is possible to take control of your network expansion without the requirement for 3rd party installation companies
With products delivered within 5-6 days (UK) and 6-7 days (mainland Europe), networks MACs are fast and simple.

Make changes at convenient times

There is never a good time, but with an MTP based solution approach, its quick and easy to add more fibre ports.

Be ready to move up to 40G and 100G

With the increased use of 10 Gb Ethernet and the migration to 100 Gb Ethernet, the best way to enable your fibre network to be able to expand as required is to base your network on the MTP connector.
The fibre density this connector gives when used in conjunction with Microcore (bend insensitive) OM3 and OM4 trunk cables is leading the industry in terms of flexibility to cope with the expected demands of 100 Gb Ethernet, InfiniBand and fibre channel requirements.

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