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MTP to MTP Trunk Cables for MTP cassette networks

M310 Series Cables for 1G | 10G | 25G

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MTP Cables Introduction

MTP cables are mainly used for one of three applications: 10G or duplex networks using MTP-LC cassettes, creating QSFP+ (or QSFP28) SR4 fibre connections or 100G SR10 fibre connections.

The MTP cables shown below are for connecting two or more MTP-LC cassettes to create a standard duplex based fibre network and are part of our M310 Series. MTP cables for QSFP+ (QSFP28) connections are found within our M400 Series . Similarly, our M1000 Series has MTP cables for 100G SR10 and LR10 connectivity.

MTP Cables for Standard Networking

Complete Connect’s M310 Series of MTP cables are used to create trunk (backbone) fibre connections between racks for presentation of either LC ports (via MTP-LC cassettes) or MTP ports for zonal distribution.

These MTP cables all use the MTP ELITE 12 fibre low loss connector and Corning Clearcurve and SMF28 fibre cores. This ensures they offer the highest performance. The MTP cable construction is a micro core cable which is very light and has a small bend radius. This makes it ideal for data centre applications where high quantities of fibre cables are required.

Fibre networks using MTP cables and MTP cassettes are very easy to install. Utilising a Click-2-Connect® modular approach, each MTP cable can connect MTP cassettes to offer from 12 fibres (6 LC ports) up to 144 fibres (72 LC ports). This approach enables a fast and clean installation and offers customers a way to build their fibre network as required; matching expansion costs to specific demands.

Short lead times and great pricing

Complete Connect offer MTP cables made-to-order on a 7 day lead time. This lead time covers all cables from 12 core to 144 core in OM3, OM4 and singlemode. Our PRICE PROMISE and WARRANTY ensures our customers get the best value and complete peace of mind.

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