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Introduction to MTP (MPO) Fibre Networks

Datacentres and corporate networks are changing significantly to accommodate the drive and demand for faster access to virtualised networks and cloud computing.

Fibre and particularly pre-terminated fibre is now dominant in today’s data centres and high speed networks. Within the pre-terminated fibre portfolio, MTP (MPO) based networking has established itself as the leading interconnect technology.
Many companies offer MTP based solutions, from the large global manufacturers and brands like Commscope with their 360 solution or Corning with their Pretium EDGE solution to smaller, more agile,  independent companies like Complete Connect.
All offer product ranges and solutions for 10G, 40G and 100G.

New demands need new service levels

Complete Connect offers lead times measured in days not weeks, deals direct with data centre owners and end users and not through 3rd party distribution.

We have a pricing structure which ensures budgets are maximised. This is why companies trust Complete Connect to keep them connected when and where it matters most.
Solutions from 10G to 100G


+44 (0)20 8286 6529

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