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MTP®, LC and SC Cleaning Tools

From the MTP Cabling Specialists

MTP® Connectors and MPO Connectors
MPO is the industry acronym for “multi-fiber push on.” MPO connectors have more than 1 fibre in a single ferrule and snap into place by a mechanical mechanism.
The MTP Connector is one brand of MPO connector.
Due to the difficulties in mating two connectors with multiple fibres, as opposed to using single fibre connectors such as an LC connector, different brands of MPO give different performance.
Fibre Ferrule Connector and Transceiver Port Cleaning
MTP connectors can only be properly cleaned using the recommended cleaning tool – the MTP IBC® Cleaning Tool.
IBC™ Brand Cleaners MT series mechanical cleaning tools are designed for cleaning the fiber arrays on MT based connector systems.
These tools are capable of cleaning MT based connector systems loaded in a bulkhead adapter, on the card edge, the backplane and on unmated cable assemblies.
The IBC™ Brand Cleaners will clean both female (no guide pin) and male (with steel guide pins). These tools will clean both flat polished multimode and 8˚ angled singlemode MT ferrules.
Cleans male and female MT ferrule 525+ cleanings per unit.
Simple dial turn engagement is easy to operate Nozzle is keyed for precise alignment of the cleaning tip to the fibre array.
Alignment cap lid opens for cleaning the unmated connectors.

About Complete Connect

Complete Connect are a UK based MPO (MTP) fibre cabling specialist. With four MPO (MTP) product series, we have networking solutions for all applications. Our focus is on providing the highest performing products possible, on shortest lead times and at highly competitive pricing.
Fibre Optic Cleaning Tool Features
    For the cleanest MPO / MTP connectors

   For the cleanest LC and SC connectors

   Over 525+ engagements per unit

MTP and LC Fibre Optic Click Cleaner
mtp port cleaning
  Cleans both connectors on cables and connectors in panels and cassettes

  Simple pushing motion to engage tool Audible CLICK to alert the operator when tools is fully engaged

  Dry cleaning strand eliminates the need for solvents

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Cleaning Tools For LC and SC

LC and SC Single Connector

LC SC Click cleaner tool

LC Duplex Connector

LC click cleaner tool

MTP-LC Cassette Modules. LC port cleaning

MTP cleaning tool
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Cleaning MTP and LC Connectors and Transceiver Ports
The MTP ferrule is flat across its entire surface as opposed to a standard connector which is conical. This means that any contaminants anywhere on the ferrule end-face (and not just close to the fibres as in standard connectors) will affect the quality of the connection.
The male MTP connector has guide pins close to the fibres (fibre no. 1 and fibre no. 12) which make cleaning more difficult.
The MTP connector can be housed inside a bulkhead/adaptor which means accessing the ferrule can be difficult.
By far the biggest issue with installing pre-terminated fibre networking surrounds the ability to clean the connectors adequately to ensure desired performance levels are achieved.
There are 3 major differences between inspecting and cleaning an MTP connector when compared to standard LC, FC or SC connectors.
MPO MTP Connector Inspection
There are a number of brands of inspection probe on the market. We recommend using the EXFO FIP 400.  Below are some of the options available.


200X/400X USB2 Video inspection probe KIT
Includes: FIP-400-USB2: USB 2.0 converter module.


400X magnification Video Probe / FC-SC Bulkhead tip / Universal 2.5mm patchcord tip / case for tips / Software & Instruction manual on CD. Soft carrying case.

FIP-400-D-SINGLE with FIP-400-D

400X Video inspections probe KIT with handheld display.


Handheld Display 3.5in TFT screenPsu / rechargeable battery / FIP-400-P-SINGLE: 400X mag Probe1 x FIPT-400-FC-SC / FC-SC Bulkhead tip / 1 x FIPT-400-U25MUniversal patch cord tip (2.5mm ferrule)


400X USB2 Video inspection probe KIT


MTP2 tip for PC bulkheads (extended, reversible


MTP tip for APC and UPC tip for bulkheads (extended, reversible)


MTP tip for APC tip for bulkheads (extended, reversible)

FIP-400-D-DUAL with FIP-400-D

200X / 400X Video inspection probe KIT with handheld display
Handheld Display 3,5in TFT screen / psu / rechargeable battery / FIP-400-P-SINGLE: 400X mag Probe / 1x FIPT-400-FC-SC / FC-SC Bulkhead tip / 1 x FIPT-400-U25M / Universal patch cord tip (2.5mm ferrule)
EXFO MTP Adaptor Heads


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