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About Complete Connect

Complete Connect are a UK based MPO (MTP) fibre cabling specialist.
Offering a range of MPO (MTP) fibre systems which support all applications. Our focus is on providing the highest performing products, on the shortest lead times at highly competitive pricing.

Complete Connect’s Fibre Systems by Transmission Data Rate

The MX Series, by Complete Connect

The MX Series from Complete Connect consists of a range of MTP component products that offer the latest in data centre fibre systems for creating  “plug and play” 10G and 25G duplex fibre networking.
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M400 Series Cabling: transmission over SR4 and PLR4

Discover options for adding new 40G or 100G SR4 / PLR4 fibre links to your network. Including connecting 40G QSFP+ ports to existing 10G SFP+ ports and QSFP28 100G ports to SFP28 25G ports.
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Transmission of 100G SR10 & PLR10: the M1000 Series

CFP transceivers which use SR10 and PLR10 for transmission of 100G Ethernet require 20 core fibre cables and 20 fibre MTP connectors. Complete Connect offer a range of MTP cables within our M1000 Series to enable full connectivity.
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