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MTP® Connector Gender Change

MTP Connector Gender Change
MTP connector based fibre optic structured cabling is now used in a variety of different applications to meet the increasing demand of higher transmission speeds. A major benefit from using this MTP fibre networking is that MTP cables used for one application can be re-used in other applications as required. This can save both time and money when carrying out upgrades to higher data rates.
However, there are several areas that need to be addressed to ensure a smooth transition:
The gender of an MTP connector
The polarity of the cables and the channel
The type of MTP adaptors within the channel
The number of mated MTP connectors and channel length
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MTP connectors can either be male or female, often referred to as the gender type of a connector. The male connector has pins, whereas the female connector has no pins (see image below for reference). The gender of standard MTP connectors (either with standard ferrules or ELITE ferrules) cannot be changed without the correct tools and spare parts.
If you have the correct tools and parts to hand then an MTP Connector gender change does not need to be done in a factory environment. However, the gender change process can sometimes lead to a broken fibre and then a re-termination of the cable with a new MTP connector is required.
Recently, US Conec (manufacturer of the MTP connector) introduced The MTP Pro Connector. The gender of this connector can be simply changed using a single tool.
Our Service
If you require a change in the gender of your MTP cable, Complete Connect offer a fast turnaround service on all brands of system that use the MTP Connector in just a few simple steps:
  Collection will be arranged for the cables that require an MTP gender change.
  Upon receiving the cables we will carry out the required gender change on each MTP connector.
  After completion of the gender change, the MTP connectors will then be cleaned using our MPO branded click-cleaner to ensure optimum performance.
  Once the MTP connectors have been checked, the cables will then be shipped out for next-day delivery.
Brands include: Corning, Systimax, Molex, Tyco, Krone, Hellerman Tyton, Brand-Rex, Siemon.
MTP Gender change delivery


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