MTP® Gender Change

Converting Male MTP Connectors to Female and Vice Versa

The gender of MTP connectors cannot be changed without the correct tools and spare parts and needs to be done in a factory environment.

If you require a change in the gender of your MTP cabling, Complete Connect offer a fast turnaround service on all brands of system that use the MTP Connector.

Brands include: Corning, Systimax, Molex, Tyco, Krone, Hellerman Tyton, Brand-Rex, Siemon.

mtp gender change female to male to female

MTP (MPO) Cable Polarity Change

Complete Connect offers a service where we will re-terminate MTP Trunk Cables or MTP Patch Cords to change the polarity.

For example, if you are looking to upgrade an MTP Cabling system from 10G to 40G we can ensure you can reuse your MTP backbones / Trunks or MTP patch cords.


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