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MTP Pro® Connector

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What is the MTP Pro® Connector?

As an alternative to standard MTP fibre connectors, the MTP Pro® connector offers the ability to change the connector gender and switch cable polarities (for some cable types) on-site and help accelerate and simplify deployments in the data centre.

The MTP Pro connector is an enhanced multi-fibre push on (MPO) connector for high speed fibre optic networking, manufactured by US Conec. The format has been specifically engineered to deliver improved optical and mechanical performance over traditional MTP and generic MPO connectors.

The connector uses the same MT ferrule used in MTP connectors. This ferrule is also used in optical transceivers from leading high-end manufacturers like Cisco, Arista and Brocade and so ensures the highest levels of performance possible.

Typically based around 8-12 fibres ferrules, the MTP Pro can also accommodate higher and lower fibre count ferrules.

Many MTP Pro features are not available on high performance MTP or generic MPO connectors.

MTP PRO Connector

The MTP Pro connector is fully compatible with Standard and Elite MTP connectors

What’s so special about the MTP Pro Connector?

MTP PRO Change Tool

Initially designed for use within specialised environments such as test labs and super-computing, the MTP Pro connector has now started to be adopted within data centre networks.

The main area for use is within SR4 40G and 100G networking. The connector helps when network moves in equipment lead to the requirement for extensions to the existing network.

Polarity and gender issues can cause significant project delays if fibre optic cables need to be re-terminated or changed to meet the projects requirements.

With a removable housing, the MTP Pro connector has been engineered to allow quick and easy reconfiguration in the field. Customers can change the fibre gender and polarity in the field with minimal effort – and without removing the connector housing. A one-step, colour-coded, tool-free feature allows your installation engineers to make relevant changes quickly while working in the field.

The MTP Pro connector has been designed in such a way that delicate fibres are not exposed when the housing is removed, so any competent network technician can make the required changes. It’s design also allows the engineer to perform a field interferometry scan after the cable and connector have been re-assembled.

The MTP Pro connector offers several features specifically designed to help reduce the risk of damaging ferrules and fibres

The longer insertion and extraction sleeves reduce the strain on the cable and makes connector mating much safer and easier. In fact, there are four strain relief boot variations available to cover most deployment scenarios.

An innovative new pin retention mechanism eliminates concerns about gender transfer and the polarity can also be reversed simply and quickly using the MTP Pro Connector Tool. The exposed key is automatically retracted while the hidden key on the other side of the connector is exposed.

The MTP Pro connector spring has also been redesigned to maximise ribbon clearance (both twelve fibre and higher count multi-fibre ribbon variants) to prevent damage. The traditional MTP floating ferrule continues to provide excellent mechanical performance, maintaining a good connection while the cable itself is under an applied load or cable stress.

The push spring is also auto-centred thanks to a metal pin clamp. By centring pin force, the MTP Pro dramatically reduces the risk of fibre damage caused by the pins. The pins themselves have stainless steel elliptical tips, making it easier to complete the connection. The elliptical design reduces guide hole wear to extend the lifespan of the connector and reduce wear and tear.

Why should I consider deploying MTP Pro Connectors?

Connector Gender Change

With the ability to reconfigure fibre termination in-situ, MTP Pro connectors are ideal for any project where there is a need add additional cables into a channel. The removable housing reduces the need for specialist fibre engineers to complete what should be a relatively straightforward alteration.

Lots of connecting and re-connecting

The improved durability and features, re-designed ferrule and fibre connector spring make MTP Pro-terminated cables ideal for deployment in environments where there is an increased risk of damage. If you are installing cable in an environment where the cable may be placed under pressure, or needs to be disconnected and reconnected, MTP Pro connectors offer additional resilience that is not available in standard MPO cable formats.

Flexibility to use in different locations

Ultimately, MTP Pro connectors make it safer and easier to install and connect fibre, reducing the overall time to complete your project. The reduced risk of breakage and the ability to ‘correct’ cables in the field can prevent delays, offering a potentially significant saving on installation costs.

MTP PRO OM3 Patch Cord

Product Warning: There are restrictions on Use

If changing the cable gender to incorporate additional cables into your fibre network, for example when moving a port or connecting to a different port, the polarity has to be carefully managed.

MTP Pro and MTP connectors use two types of adapters to connect them together. When adding cables it is essential to use the correct adapters.

When within Singlemode networks

Extra care must be taken as MTP Pro and MTP singlemode connectors have an angled end-face (APC). This means that when switching the gender and then connecting to other MTP cables the polarity will be altered.

Complete Connect and MTP Pro Connectors

Complete Connect offer an extensive range of stocked and custom manufactured MTP and MTP Pro cables for all applications, supporting ethernet connectivity speeds of up to 400G.

To learn more about MTP Pro connectors and the various configuration options best suited to your installation, please contact us.


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