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The MX Series MTP® Total
Fibre Cabling System

From the UK’s MTP® Specialists

The MX Series Fibre System: Overview

What is the MX Fibre Cabling System?

The MX Fibre System is a complete factory terminated, “plug and play” modular end-to-end fibre network that supports 1G through to 100G in both multimode and singlemode.

The system is designed for use within large and small data centres where network managers want a networking solution that best matches the demands of a modern data center.

To ensure excellent optical performance, Complete Connect use only high grade components (low loss LC ferrules, the MTP® ELITE® connector, Corning® reduced bend sensitive glass) and multi-stage machine polishing.

MX Fibre System
Data Centre
Can it support different data centre network requirements?

With a broad range of component parts the MX Fibre System can accommodate any network requirement.

The system is designed for use within large and small data centres where network managers want to ensure excellent optical performance and want to simplify and speed up installation.

For more information on how the MX Fibre System can be used in various network topologies please see the Applications section.

Will it be suitable for future requirements?

Complete Connect are already supplying customers with the MX Series Fibre System to support 100G networking and BASE-8 transmission.

The MX Fibre System will also support 200G and 400G data rates over both multimode and singlemode via all three of the transmissions protocols currently being developed.

The MX Fibre System also has MTP conversion cables and MTP cassettes within its product range so that 1G and 10G trunk cables can be re-used for 40G and 100G.

Whatever direction your requirements take, rest assured the MX Fibre System has it covered.

MX 2U Housing Panel

For up to 12 modular cassettes

Complete Connect
Why do companies choose Complete Connect’s MX Series?

Our customer’s give us various combinations of reasons why they have chosen both Complete Connect to be their fibre network preferred supplier and the MX Series in particular.

These reasons can be distilled into three main areas:-

1. Our Services Levels.

Our lead times are some of the best (around 7 days), we are fast to respond to quotes and queries and we know our stuff. There is always someone available to offer immediate technical support.

2. Our Flexibility.

As well as having a wide range of standard products within the MX Series we also are able to meet custom requirements and offer a large range of product options with no drop in service level.

2. Our Commercial Terms.

Compared to some of the large US multinationals we enable our customers to achieve the same network performance at a vastly reduced cost.
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