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Complete Connect / MTP / MX Connectivity HUB – Maximise Your Rackspace
MX Series 1U panel loaded

MX Connectivity HUB – Maximise Your Rackspace

Complete Connect introduces the MX Series Connectivity HUB for the data centre fibre networking market with significant project wins already achieved.

The MX Series Connectivity HUB offers the latest in data centre fibre and copper networking connectivity within the same panel – enabling connectivity solutions of up-to 400Gbps.

The MX Series Connectivity Hub, originally developed to support a new data centre build in partnership with a major UK investment bank, was designed to accommodate the diverse and complex requirements of today’s modern data centre interconnect solutions. By offering maximum flexibility and fibre port density whilst giving clean and rapid installation for MACs and upgrades, the MX Series gives end users easy network scalability while future proofing for emerging data rates.

As well as offering outstanding port density, the MX HUB also reduces the issues surrounding patch cord management that high port density creates. Easy patch cable management is achieved across the HUB without the need for additional tooling or disturbing adjacent channels.

The MX Series includes 1U (5 module capacity) or 2u (12 module capacity) hub panels which can be loaded with a complete range of modules to offer multimode or singlemode LC or MTP ports, fibre TAPs as well as CAT6/6A/7 ports. This range of modules offer the widest choice across the industry and is growing constantly.

With one of the the highest fibre density’s available (2,304 fibres per 2U), the MX Series is available from stock or on express lead times to support both small and large project requirements.

mtp mpo module singlemode yellow adatpors
LC to LC TAP 8 fibre
cat6 keystone jack module - mx series
The MX Advantage

    Ultra high density & modular flexibility

    Scalability 10/25/40/50/100/200/400Gb

    Express installation

    Interchangeable with other manufacturers

    Performance engineered

    UK company – UK stocked – global support

Utilising a fully lockable cassettes based system, the 1u and 2u connectivity hubs provide wide ranging flexibility by allowing installation from the front or rear. Once in place, a lockable clip ensures no movement during operation. Complete with built in cable management at the front and rear as well as side mounted patch cable waterfalls, the MX series connectivity hubs provide a wide range of  built in cable management options.

Then MX 2U Housing Panel: loaded with Copper and Fibre Modular Cassettes

MX 2U panel banner 598 wide
Modular Choices

At the heart of the MX system is the ability to offer an impressive range of modular cassettes that allow for maximum system flexibility.

Now it is possible to mix 10G copper, 40G fibre MPO (MTP) fibre, passive fibre network monitoring TAPS and 10G/25G duplex fibre networking. The combinations ensure that every application is catered for.

The 1U panel can hold five cassette modules. This offers up to 120 fibres (60 ports) using a traditional MPO (MTP) – LC configuration for 10G or 25G duplex networking. Similarly, the 2U hub can hold 288 fibres (144 ports).

When loaded with MTP adaptor plates, an impressive 2, 304 fibres can be connected to the 2U Hub.

MPO (MTP) Cassette Modules: (Connectivity available per module)
OM3 12 fibre LC | 24 Fibre LC
OM4 12 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LC
Singlemode 12 Fibre SC | 12 Fibre SCA | 12 Fibre LC | 12 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LCA

40G MPO (MTP) Cassette Modules:

OM4 24 Fibre LC – 3 X  separate 8 fibre channels in 1 modular cassette

MPO (MTP) Adaptor Modules:
1-8 adaptors (Can be coloured to differentiate networks)

Copper Modules:
4 CAT6 Keystone | 4 CAT6A Keystone

Pre-Terminated Modules:
OM3 12 Fibre SC | 12 Fibre SCA | 12 Fibre LC | 12 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LCA
OM4 12 Fibre SC | 12 Fibre SCA | 12 Fibre LC | 12 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LCA

Splice Modules:
OM3 12 Fibre SC | 12 Fibre SCA | 12 Fibre LC | 12 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LCA
OM4 12 Fibre SC | 12 Fibre SCA | 12 Fibre LC | 12 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LCA

Passive Fibre TAP Modules:
Singlemode Front Port LC TAP
Singlemode Trunk Cable port TAP
Multimode Front Port LC TAP
Multimode Trunk Cable port TAP
Bi-directional Front LC and Rear MTP Trunk Cable TAP (singlemode and multimode)
1 12 Fibre SC | 12 Fibre SCA | 12 Fibre LC | 12 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LC | 24 Fibre LCA

For more information, visit our MX specific pages where you can download a range of product information PDF’s.

Introducing the MX Series
Modular Cassettes
MX Cables

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