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MX Xpress – A Complete Pre-Connected Fibre System

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The MX Xpress System. An Overview.

1. What is the MX Xpress Fibre System?

Pre-connected fibre cassettes
MX Xpress Cass to Cass Multimode
Pre-connected copper cassettes
MX Xpress Copper Link
Pre-connected fibre breakouts
LC Cassette to LC Breakout
The MX Xpress Fibre System is a complete factory terminated, pre-connected, modular end-to-end fibre network that supports 1G through to 100G in both multimode and singlemode.

The system is designed for use within large and small data centres where network managers want to ensure excellent optical performance and want to simplify and speed up installation. The MX Xpress System also has the added benefit of reducing the number of mated connector pairs in any given link and so offers the best optical performance possible. The MX Xpress System is modular. A network is built using pre-connected 24 fibre links that present with either LC ports for standard serial duplex networking or MTP ports for parallel high data rate 8 fibre networking.

By simplifying installation, a fibre network can be built as and when required without the need for specialist tools (except an LC cleaning tool) or installation skills. Installation has been reduced sown to mounting housing panels into 19″ data racks and slotting pre-connected cassettes into these panels with some cable management as required. The LC cassettes can then be connected to equipment or other LC cassettes with standard LC duplex patch cords. The polarity of the network is maintained automatically no matter the number of links connected.

Build your fibre network “on-demand” – one 24 fibre link at a time.

2. What connectivity does the MX Xpress System offer?

he MX Xpress System offers LC duplex connectivity for 1G, 10G and 25G networking as well as MTP connectivity for 40G, 100G and 200G networking.

For duplex ports, each modular link can be 6 ports (12 core) or 12 port (24 core). For parallel MTP (MPO) networking each modular link can offer between 1 and 8 ports. Extra MTP ports can be indicdually added until the maximum of 8 is reached, giving even more flexibility to build the network on demand.

The System also allows any of the major copper networking brands to be incorporated alongside with the same MX panels. Thereby minimising rack space where both copper and fibre links are required.

Using data centre grade cable
40G and 100G channels

3. Where can you use the MX Xpress System?

The MX Xpress System is best suited to short runs within data centre environments.

This is because the cassettes need enough space to run between racks. Good access at the rear of racks is also required because a pre-connected cassette needs to be passed between racks and then inserted into the rear of the MX housing panels.

MX Express Solution diagram
“We installed these ourselves in a set of 5 racks with the central rack as the distribution area with no issues”

Network Manager
UK FTSE 100 company

What are some of the Benefits.

1. Achieve the lowest cost fibre network without compromising on performance

MX Xpress offers the most cost effective method for creating a fibre network. Costs are minimised through efficient factory terminations and by removing nearly all installation costs as no specialist installation skills are required. For installation the only specialist tool needed is a quality fibre connector cleaning tool.

2. Maximise your rack space with high density port presentation

MX Xpress system offers a fibre density of 144 fibres per 1U.
With the choice of either a 1U housing panel, ideal for Top-of-Rack (ToR) locations, or a 2U housing panel, ideal for distribution areas, you can ensure you maximise your rackspace.

3. Easily upgrade to 40G and 100G

The MX Xpress system has the ability to mix 10G singlemode and multimode links within the same housing panel.
40G or 100G ports can also be housing alongside these links to offer a range of connectivity options.

4. A Modular approach – easy “Grow on Demand Networking”

One of the main benefits is being able to grow a network on demand. By adding extra fibre links only when required by the business need ensures spend can be linked directly to requirement.
As the network grows and requirements change, each cassette to cassette link can be removed and re-used in other locations ensuring the network adapts to changing needs.
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