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MX Xpress Performance

Optical Performance. Superior Service.

Minimum insertion loss | High density cabling | 7 day lead times

So much more than channel optical loss.

Performance means delivering what the business needs

Complete Connect look at network performance beyond the channel loss. A high performing network has to do much more than meet the international standard on optical performance. We measure performance in terms of network flexibility, adaptability, speed of change and level of service we provide.
If network change restricts business performance then the network is not performing. If the network is too costly or difficult to maintain and upgrade it is not performing. Complete Connect work with network managers to ensure they are supported to meet the demands of their business day after day.

Ensuring optical performance

Components | Termination Equipment | Processes | Quality Control

Ensuring consistent high performance across every manufactured product starts with using the right components, glass cores and cable construction. Consistent low loss terminations not only require adherence to specific processes but also require using high quality termination equipment. Finally,  all products need to be physically and optically tested to ensure a performance standard will be met.

Complete Connect’s first priority is to ensure every product meets a level of performance that is above all the required international standards and also that it maintains our reputation for optically superior performance.

Achieving a flexible and adaptable network

For us this is all about enabling these two questions to be answered; do I have the component parts to make the changes I need and can I get these component parts easily and quickly to enable me to actually make the change?

If the answer to both these questions is yes, then network upgrades, expansions and modifications become straightforward. The MX Series does just this. It gives you all the components you need and on timescales that enable changes to be made quickly and easily.

Make it happen

Large UK Stock holding
Lead times of 7 days or less
Direct support on customised products

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