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MX Xpress Products

From the UK’s Fibre Specialists

For all applications. Ready for the future.

Whatever your requirement, MX Xpress has it covered

Main Modular LC Fibre Links

1. Multimode (50/125) OM3 and OM4 24 Fibre

Each MX Xpress cassette pair is connected via a 24 core OM3 / OM4 (50/125) micro core cable. Micro core cables are perfect for internal networking within “clean” applications as they have an excellent bend radius, have a small diameter, are light comparable to traditional tight buffered cable. This means that cable tray usage is minimsied and routing into racks is easy.

Specify the length of your modular link from the rear centre of each rack at the position where you expect to mount your MX housing panel.

2. Singlemode (9/125) 24 Fibre

MX Xpress singlemode cassettes are available with three types of cable; standard OS2 9/125, G657.A1 bend insensitive and G657.A2 ultra bend insensitive.

3. Direct Fibre connections to equipment

Reduce rack space requirements with direct equipment connections.

Ruggedised patch cord style LC tails. Match LC tails to port layout.

LC Cassette to LC Breakout

MTP 40GbE and 100GbE Fibre Links

Flexibility to incorporate 40G and 100G connectivity alongside MX XPress link

MX MTP (MPO) Module

Capacity for 8 x MTP adaptors / couplers. Six coloured adaptor options

mtp mpo module singlemode yellow adatpors

MX Xpress 40G/100G Links

Present MTP / MPO ports for parallel transmission of high data rates

Cat6 and Cat6a Connectivity

MX Xpress 4 Way copper Loom

Include four port Copper keystone jack modules

Keystone jack to keystone jack looms. Available in Cat6, Cat6A or Cat7.

Compatible with all Cabling brands

MX Xpress Copper Link
MX Cat6a Module

MX Copper Module

Purchase just the empty module

Populate with your choice of copper structured cabling

MX Housing Panels

MX Series 1U Top-of-Rack (ToR) Connectivity

Capacity for 5 MX Xpress cassettes

Offering up to 60 LC ports (120 fibres)

Full front port labeling

Rear cable management

MX 1U Panel

MX 2U Housing Panel

Capacity for up to 12 MX Xpress cassettes

Offering 144 LC duplex ports (288 fibres)

Full front port labeling

Rear cable management

MX 2U MPO Patch Panel
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