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WBMMF now known as OM5!

OM5 Fibre Finally Has a Name!

The IEC/ISO standards bodies have recently agreed that WBMMF (Wide Band Multimode Fibre) will in future be known by the nomenclature of OM5. This specifically relates to 50/125 laser optimised multimode fibre or LOMFF that has been developed for use within the 850nm to 950nm range for either single or multi wavelength transmissions. The effective modal bandwidth for OM5 fibre has been specified at the lower and upper wavelengths of 4700 at 850nm and 2470 at 953nm respectively.

This decision was made in October by the ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC 1)/Subcommittee 25 (SC 25) Interconnection of Information Technology Equipment.

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) will adopt the term OM5 in certain standards it produces. In June, TIA’s TR-42.12 Optical Fibres and Cables Subcommittee approved the ANSI/TIA-492AAAE standard, which specifically relates to WBMMF.

Read more about it here Wide Band Multimode Fibre.

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