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For Outside Broadcasts

Ruggedised, re-usable, rapidly deployed

Complete Connect offer a comprehensive range of pre-terminated fibre cables ideal for outside broadcast, film, HDTV, 3DTV and sports events.

As with all of our products, the fibre connectors are directly terminated onto the fibre (no splicing of pigtails) using the best available termination process, including a multi-stage machine polish.

re-deployable fibre cables

Simple, fast, tool-less installation

No specialist tools required

Pull the cable into position

Clean the connectors ready for connection

Connect the pre-term to panel’s or equipment

Cable Construction
  • Loose tube
  • Corrugated steel tape
  • Steel wire armoured
  • Military tactical
Re-dployable Reel Type
  • Light weight aluminium
  • Plastic
  • Steel
Additional Options
  • Travel cases
  • Re-termination service
  • Cleaning and re-testing service

Pre-terminated Loose Tube Cables (including CST and SWA)

Pre-terminated fibre cable

Triple flange drum
Pulling socks to protect connectors

hydra fibre cable

Pre-attached gland
Patch cord style connector tails

CST pre-terminated fibre cable

Specialist CST pre-attached gland
Patch cord style connector tails

travel cases for fibre cables

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Choice of Cable Construction

Loose Tube

Loose tube cable is constructed using a water blocking gel that makes it an ideal choice for installing in areas where water ingress and flooding may be possible such as ducting. Our loose tube pre-terminated solutions can come in a variety of terminated options to meet your project requirements.

250um fibres are oversheathed with 2mm “patch cord” style tubing to give a ruggedised / easy handling solution.

loose tube 24 core fibre cable
Corrugated Steel Tape

More robust than a standard loose tube cable this cable construction has the same water blocking properties but also a reinforced steel tape inner shield which gives makes the cable rodent resistant. The cables are available in 4 to 24 core and in all fibre grades (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and Singlemode (OS2)).
The inner fibres are only 250um and so every fibre has a 2mm over sheathing to give strength for handling. This means that the pre-terminated cables can be easily installed either into patch panels or directly into equipment (if required).

Corrugated steel tape loose tube fibre cable
Steel Wire Armoured

More robust than Loose tube but with the same water blocking properties, reinforced jacketing and protection make this cable and ideal choice for area where rodent damage is a possibility.

250um fibres are oversheathed with 2mm “patch cord” style tubing to give a ruggedised / easy handling solution.

steel wire armoured loose tube fibre cable

Reasons for using Pre-terminated Fibre

Highest Performance Guaranteed

By terminating high grade premium quality fibre connectors directly onto the fibre cable and then using a multi-stage machine polishing process, we ensure that all our products give the best possible performance. All products come with a channel test certificate and are covered by our warranty.

Fast and Clean Installation

With no on-site terminations required installation time is reduced down to the minimum. The installation is “clean” with no cutting, stripping, cleaning or terminating of cables required. The reduced installation time means that for large projects the on-site install time can be completed in fewer days or overnight.

Reduced Cost

Surveys consistently show that the cost of installing Pre-Terminated Fibre Cables is less than on-site termination methods, even when travelling time and expense is excluded. See our survey results.

More Cabling Options

Use of ruggedised harnesses for direct equipment connections, crush resistant cable, MTP solutions and other direct links can help reduce rackspace requirements, Read more

Out-of-the-Box Installation

There are no specialist skills or tools required for the majority of pre-terminated fibre products. This means that network managers can quickly add new fibre links as required and at a time convenient to them.

Why Choose Complete Connect? – Quality, Performance, Service, Value

1. The Complete Connect Price Promise

Our direct relationship ensures we can offer our Price Promise.Typically savings of between 30% and 65% are achievable against other manufacturers for like for like performance

2. UK Manufacturing

Benefit from working with a local manufacturer that can respond to changes quickly and efficiently ensures projects stay on track. All products are produced to the highest standards and exceed all International Data Cabling standards and ISO quality standards.

3. Peace of Mind

Full Product Warranty 25 year Product Warranty and satisfaction guarantee as standard.

4. Expert advice

We specialise in fibre with over 15 years of Fibre Termination experience.

5. Fast Quotes with Pricing and Lead Time Confirmation

Quotes returned within the hour in most cases

Buy in confidence today. Every product is fully guaranteed and under our warranty.

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