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External Use Pre-terminated Fibre Cabling Solutions

Building to Building, campus, outside broadcast or harsh environment

Creating an inter building network has never been easier. With Complete Connect External Grade Pre-terminated Fibre it is possible to add multiple interconnections between buildings or within a campus environment.

For most external networking loose tube or corrugated steel tape fibre cables are used with rack mounted 1U patch panels or breakout boxes and LC connectors or SC connectors.

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Pre-terminated fibres using these types of cables offer extra ruggedisation and ensure the best possible connectivity.
Other types of connectivity are available and these offer different benefits. Complete Connect’s range of pre-terminated fibre cables include 5 types of cable and 6 types of connector.
So we have all applications covered.

Perfect for most applications

External Use Pre-terminated Fibre Cabling

Campus upgrades or adding new buildings

Campus area networking can be very simply in its topology or increasingly complex and can be designed around a wide variety of applications and requirements that range from a single “Backbone” link between buildings to a radial complex campus wide network.

Extending or adding a new node onto an existing network can cover both external and internal network infrastructures.

External Use Pre-terminated Fibre Cabling

Industrial Fibre Cabling

Fibre optic cables used with or without ducting. Depending on the application requirements different crush resistant cables and different maximum tension options are available.

Military Tactical Cable ♦ Steel Wire Armoured

 Corrugated Steel Tape ♦ Standard Loose Tube Cable


CCTV Networks

Fibre optic cables use in CCTV networks is gaining speed and momentum partly due to the reduced cost of installing and maintaining a fibre optic network over a standard copper one, however when we looking into it, the costs are only the starting point to consider.

Longer Distances ♦ Multiple Cameras On a Single Line Feed

Better Image Quality ♦ Increased Data & Security

Three main benefits of using pre-terminated fibre cables: –

Lower cost of installation

The speed of installation and the guaranteed performance ensure a lower cost with no re-work required

Improved performance

Connectors are terminated directly onto the fibre cores. There are no splices. The connectors are then polished with machines to give a consistently high UPC finish

High volume and clean install

With a minimal amount of on-site work, large volumes can be installed in short time frames.

Pre-terminated Loose Tube Cable (including CST and SWA)

The most commonly used external fibre cable
hydra fibre cable

Pre-attached gland

Patch cord style connector tails
CST pre-terminated fibre cable

Specialist Corrugated Steel Tape Pre-attached gland

Patch cord style ends

Choose your preferred port presentation

A full range of fibre patch panels and breakout boxes designed for use with pre-termianted fibre

LC 96 fibre 1U patch panel

LC Patch Panel with high density

1U rack space with 48 fibre ports

96 fibre capacity

Fibre patch panel with LC ports

LC Patch Panel

1U panel wtih 24 fibre ports

48 fibre capacity

SC Patch Panel

SC Fibre Patch Panel

1U panel with 24 fibre ports

48 fibre capacity

Fibre Management Breakout Boxes and Other Enclosures

The need to terminate or branch off and create continuous joints may be required and we have a range of enclosures to suit a wide variety of applications from form Aerial terminations to direct burial and wall/pole mounted.

fibre breakout box tamper proof

Small tamperproof termination boxes

Ideal for low fibre count areas

Easy to patch into

Double Door Fibre breakout box 196 fibres

Large lockable wall mounted breakout boxes

High fibre volume


fibre breakout box splice

IP rated termination boxes

Various IP standards

With simple, fast, tool-less installation

1. Mount the panels into the cabinets

2. Pull the cable into position

3. Connect the pre-terminated fibre

4. Clean connectors. Start patching

Simple installation

Pre-terminated fibre cable

Fibres supplied on triple flange drum

Enables easy pulling of cables

Pulling socks to protect connectors, full test certificates included
fibre patch panel ready for pre-terminated fibre cables

Arrange the bunny clips in the panel

This maintains internal fibre bend radius

Use our step by step installation guide for perfect results
Pre-terminated fibre ruggedised tails pulling tube

Pull the pre-terminated fibre cable into position

Pre-attached gland removes the strain on the fibres

The pulling sock protects the connects

Protective sock unscrews
Ruggedised 2mm tails

Pre-terminated fibre pre-attached gland

Remove the pulling socks. Connect the gland to the panel rear

Locking nut supplied

900um buffered fibres are easy to handle
Pre-terminated fibre attached to patch panel

The cable is now ready to connect

Use the bunny clips to maintain bend radius

Colour coded fibres ensure correct connection
pre-terminated fibre inside a patch panel

A tidy and well managed panel

Use our step by step installation guide

Achieve high density fibre connectivity
LC Duplex cleaning tool

Use professional dry residue connector cleaning tools

Clean all patch panel ports and patch cords prior to connection

LC cleaning tools and SC cleaning tools offer over 500 cleans

Choice of Cable Construction

Loose Tube

Loose tube cable is constructed using a water blocking gel that makes it an ideal choice for installing in areas where water ingress and flooding may be possible such as ducting. Our loose tube pre-terminated solutions can come in a variety of terminated options to meet your project requirements.

250um fibres are oversheathed with 2mm “patch cord” style tubing to give a ruggedised / easy handling solution.

loose tube 24 core fibre cable
Corrugated Steel Tape

More robust than a standard loose tube cable this cable construction has the same water blocking properties but also a reinforced steel tape inner shield which gives makes the cable rodent resistant. The cables are available in 4 to 24 core and in all fibre grades (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and Singlemode (OS2)).
The inner fibres are only 250um and so every fibre has a 2mm over sheathing to give strength for handling. This means that the pre-terminated cables can be easily installed either into patch panels or directly into equipment (if required).

Corrugated steel tape loose tube fibre cable
Steel Wire Armoured

More robust than Loose tube but with the same water blocking properties, reinforced jacketing and protection make this cable and ideal choice for area where rodent damage is a possibility.

250um fibres are oversheathed with 2mm “patch cord” style tubing to give a ruggedised / easy handling solution.

steel wire armoured loose tube fibre cable

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