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Pre-terminated Fibre Cabling Solutions

Internal and External Solutions, Rapid Lead Times and Manufacturing

All pre-terminated fibre cables use high grade singlemode ferrules to give the lowest insertion losses across both multimode and singlemode networks

Accessories and Installation Tools

Why Choose Pre-terminated fibre from Complete Connect

Key Features

We are able to offer a wide variety of pre-terminated fibre cable options from short single assembly cabinet to cabinet links to larger more complex (custom) infrastructure solutions.

  • Fast installation time
  • Low cost to install
  • Ruggedised “patch cord” style ends for easy installation
  • Fully protected connectors
  • Tool-less installation

Five great reasons to choose pre-terminated fibre

Highest Performance Guaranteed

By terminating high grade premium quality fibre connectors directly onto the fibre cable and then using a multi-stage machine polishing process, we ensure that all our products give the best possible performance. All products come with a channel test certificate and are covered by our warranty.

Fast and Clean Installation

With no on-site terminations required installation time is reduced down to the minimum. The installation is “clean” with no cutting, stripping, cleaning or terminating of cables required. The reduced installation time means that for large projects the on-site install time can be completed in fewer days or overnight.

Reduced Cost

Surveys consistently show that the cost of installing Pre-Terminated Fibre Cables is less than on-site termination methods, even when traveling time and expense is excluded.

More Cabling Options

Use of ruggedised harnesses for direct equipment connections, crush resistant cable, MTP solutions and other direct links can help reduce rackspace requirements, Read more

Out-of-the-Box Installation

There are no specialist skills or tools required for the majority of pre-terminated fibre products. This means that network managers can quickly add new fibre links as required and at a time convenient to them.

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