M Series Prizm LightTurn® to MTP®

Custom assemblies made in 7 days
Prizm LightTurn® Connector Fibre Cable Assemblies Made-to-Order

About Prizm® LightTurn®

The Prizm LightTurn Connector is a detachable connector for high speed printed circuit board connectivity. Typically connected to an MTP® connector, this type of fibre cable assembly provides a perpendicular connection to a printed circuit board. The PRIZM® LightTurn® connector offer 12 fibre connections to a board via a photonic turn TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lens.
The MTP® connector to PRIZM® LightTurn® connector fibre assembly provides an increase in card edge port density compared to using SFP transceivers or active optical cables on the card edge.

About Complete Connect

Complete Connect are a UK based MPO (MTP) fibre cabling specialist. With four MPO (MTP) product series, we have networking solutions for all applications. Our focus is on providing the highest performing products possible, on shortest lead times and at highly competitive pricing.


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M Series Prizm® LightTurn® Features
   Custom built assemblies

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   High optical performance

   Short lead times

   Highly Competitive pricing

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Example MTP – Prizm® LightTurn® Assembly
MTP - Prizm LightTurn-x4
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