M1000 Series MPO (MTP) OM3 SR10 24 Fibre Trunk Cables

For SR10 100G and 120G

Product Series M1000 Series
Polarity SR10
Fibre Type OM3 (50 / 125)
Fibre Capacity 24
Glass Fibre Corning Clearcurve®
Fibre Construction Dry loose tube micro cable LSZH
Cable Diameter 3.8mm or 5.6mm
End 1 MTP® ELITE 24 Fibre Connector
End 2 MTP® ELITE 24 Fibre Connector
Insertion Loss across cable < 0.35 dB + cable loss
Product Warranty 25 year fully covered

M1000 MTP 100G trunk cables offer connectivity over multimode OM3 fibre for connection between zonal distribution areas directly to CFP transceivers or to 100G patch cords.

With direct connection between two 100G CFP transceiver ports (unpinned connectors) and connection from a 100G MTP trunk cable to a CFP transceiver port (typically pinned and unpinned connectors). M1000 100G trunk cables are compatible with  all CFP transceivers and other fibre cabling brands.

All patch cords are made from the highest quality components and use MTP® ELITE® 24 fibre UPC connectors and Corning® ClearCurve® 24 core OM3 micro fibre cable.

Complete Connect are MPO MTP Specialists with 40+ years experience. Learn more About Us.

Technical Drawings

M1000 Series MTP Trunk Cable with Single Sheath

MTP 100G 24 fibre trunk cable
24 fibre micro core loose tube cable

M1000 Series MTP Trunk Cable with Dual Sheath

100G trunk cable ruggedised dual sheath
Tech-spec-Micro core 24 fibre double sheath (5.6mm)

M1000 Series 100G Polarity

Polarity 100G
Optical Performance And Physical Specifications
MPO (MTP) OM3 24 fibre Connector
Connector Housing Aqua
Ferrule MT ELITE
Typical Insertion Loss 0.10 dB (average)
Maximum Insertion Loss 0.35 dB (Max)
24 Core Physical Specification
Single Sheath Dual Sheath
Weight kg/Km 12 28
Outer Diameter 3.8mm 5.6mm
Sheath Wall Thickness (nominal ave. mm) 0.55mm Inner 0.55mm, outer 0.45mm
Sheath Wall Thickness (minimum mm) 0.48mm Inner 0.48mm, outer 0.35mm
Maximum pull force (N) 300 N 1000 N
Transport and storage – 25 °C to + 70 °C – 25 °C to + 70 °C
Installation – 5 °C to + 50 °C – 5 °C to + 50 °C
Installed – 10 °C to + 70 °C – 10 °C to + 70 °C
Minimum Bend Radius (installed) 10 x outside diameter 10 x outside diameter
Minimum Bend Radius (installation) 15 x outside diameter 15 x outside diameter
Maximum Crush Resistant (long term) 150 N/dm 300 N/dm
Jacket Colour OM3 – Aqua OM3 – Aqua
24 Core Construction
Single Sheath Dual Sheath
Design Twenty four 250um fibres with aramid yarn strain relief
Single sheath
Twenty four 250um fibres with aramid yarn strain relief
Dual sheath separated by aramid yarn strain relief
Construction Dry Loose Tube (no gel) Dry Loose Tube (no gel)
Sheath Properties LSZH – Halogen free, flame retardant LSZH – Halogen free, flame retardant
Application Indoor, cable trays and ducting Indoor, cable trays and ducting
Fire Performance
Flame Retardancy acc. IEC 60332-1-2 and IEC 60332-3-22 Cat. A
Smoke Density acc. IEC 61034
Halogen-free acc. IEC 60754-1
Acidity of Combustion Gases acc. IEC 60754-2
Cable Design
Multimode OM3 (50/125)
Optical Core 50μm +/- 2.5μm diameter
Optical Cladding 125μm +/- 1μm diameter
Primary Acrylate Coating 242μm +/- 5μm diameter
Core Concentricity 1.5μm
Core Concentricity Error <5%
Optical Performance
Multimode OM3 (50/125)
Attenuation Coefficient
dB/Km (installed)
850nm ≤ 2.5 Max
1300nm ≤0.7 Max
Attenuation Coefficient
dB/Km (un-installed)
850nm ≤ 2.3 Max
1300nm ≤0.6 Max
Overfill Launch Minimum
Bandwidth Mhz x Km
850nm ≥ 1500
1300nm ≥ 500
Laser Effective Modal Minimum
Bandwidth Mhz x Km
850nm ≥ 2000
Cable Standards

TIA/EIA-568-C.3 and ISO/IEC 11801

Connector Standard

MPO: IEC-61754-7, EIA/TIA-604-5
Compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and REACH SvHC

LC: IEC-61754-20
SC: IEC-61754-14

Commitment to Excellence

Complete Connect are committed to providing the highest quality performing products. This is achieved through

  • Sourcing the best components
  • Utilising the lastest fibre termination technology
  • Maintaining rigorous processes
100G fibre cable network MPO MTP
Useful Information

Compatibility with transceiver modules

All Complete Connect 100G cables use the MTP 24 fibre Elite connector. This provides the best optical connection with all major transceiver brands.

Cleaning MTP cables and 100G transceiver ports

Complete Connect recommend using an IBC Branded MTP cleaning tool for cleaning all MTP cables and CFP2 transceiver ports.

Complete Connect will supply this free of charge on orders of four or more 100G cables

Maximum transmission distances

The IEEE standard states that 100G can be transmitted at the following distances: OM3 less than 100m; OM4 less than 150m.

Testing using Loopback adaptor cables

100G loopback cables are used to test 100G ports and networks. Please click here for more info

Commonly asked 100G question?

If 100G is the simultaneous transmission of ten 10G channels and 10G can be transmitted 300m over OM3, then why can 100G only be transmitted 100m on OM3?

Creating a 100G Network

Complete Connect 100G fibre cabling can upgrade existing 10G traditional cabled networks, 10G MTP / MPO networks, create new 100G networks or enable a simple direct port to port connection.

Using existing 10G MTP cabling and 100G

Complete Connect M310 Series MTP (24) to MTP (12×2) splitter cables enable a 100G connection using two incumbent 12 fibre MTP trunk cables. Typically, this involves the removal of MTP-LC cassette modules and replacing these with MTP coupler plates.

The MTP-LC cassette modules can then be re-used in other areas of the network.

Complete Connect M310 Series cables are compatible with cables from other manufacturers such as Corning Pre-tium EDGE, Systimax 360 or Panduit Quicknet so changing to Complete Connect M Series is straightforward.

100G Split to 10G 40G

Using existing 10G standard fibre cabling and 100G

Complete Connect M310 Series 100G MTP (24) to LC Duplex splitter cables enable a 100G connection between incumbent LC patch panels. Polarity is critical to ensure performance.

100G MTP - LC Fibre Breakout Cable

M1000 Series 100G cabling will create a standalone 100G network. Installed cabling can exactly match the requirement avoiding overspend and expansion is modular so future requirements are easily met.

Installation requires no specialist fibre cabling skills and is quick and error free. The polarity of the network is easily managed and the network can be installed at a convenient time.


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