M Series 1U Housing Panel

For all M310, M400 and M1000 products

Part Number M-1U-SP
Height 1U
No. of Modules 3
Fibre Capacity 74 via LC or 24 via MTP
Trunk Cable Entry Rear
Material 1.2mm Cold-rolled steel
Locking Yes
Mounting 19″ Rack Mount
Dimensions  205 x 482 x 44
Weight 2.4kg
RoSH All materials meet standards

The Complete Connect M Series Universal 1U Housing Panel supports all the M Series solutions.

The slide and tilt mechanism with locking functionality allows easy access to both the front and rear to enable fast, hassle free installation of trunk cables, MTP adaptor plates and modular cassettes.

The three slot design ensures that there is plenty of room for patching modules and managing the fibre. Each panel can be recessed by 50mm from the rack vertical supports to give even more patching space. Present 36 fibre ports in 1U of rack space.

The 1U Housing Panel allows both 40G and 100G channels, providing the ability to add up to twenty four 40G or 100G ports per 1U.

Applications supported by the 1U are M310 cassettes and MTP modules, M310 zonal distribution, M400 cassettes and MTP modules and M1000 Series MTP modules.

1u panel mtp fibre optic cassette

Tool-less: fast and convenient installation

Build on demand and match budget to requirement. Install in minutes at convenient times. Simple and effective.

1U panel mtp modular cassettes

Easy access: make moves and changes simple

Re-organise your network as required to accommodate upgrades or change of use through accessing rear of cassettes from the front of the rack

Technical Drawing

M Series 1U Panel

M Series 1U Sliding Panel
Technical Drawing M Series Fixed Panel
1u panel housing multimode and singlemode

Mix: mix multimode with singlemode and LC with SC

High performing, flexible and easy to upgrade data centre fibre network. With Click-2-Connect tool-less installation, making adds, moves and changes could not be easier.

1u panel mtp coupler adaptor

Easy additions: add MTP coupler modules to extend trunks

Add each 8-way module on demand. Mix MTP modules with LC modular cassettes to enable both 40G and 10G to run next to each other.


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