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LC Patch Panel 1U 24 Port – 48 Fibres

The perfect fibre patch panel for pre-terminated fibre

Low Loss High Performance


  • Top of rack fibre distribution
  • Suited for pre-terminated fibre


  • Up to 48 fibres in 1U
  • Slide and tilt mechanism for easy installation
  • Panel can be recessed back from rack front

24 Port 1U Fibre Patch Panels

Complete Connect 1U fibre patch panels offer customers a perfect way to present LC ports within data and server 19″ racks.

Our range of versatile fibre patch panels loaded with LC multimode or LC singlemode adaptors are available on a next day delivery in the UK and 2 to 3 days in Europe.

  • Designed for ease of installation
  • Slide and tilt function allows easy access
  • Two fixed installation positions (45 degree and 10 degree)
  • Designed for use with pre-terminated fibre
Internal fibre management
  • Multiple rear cable entry points (2 x 20mm round holes, 2 slots and 1 removable rear plate)
  • Multiple internal cable tie points
  • Various cable management options (standard kit, the blue spool, stackable splice trays)
Our Stock
1. Fibre Type Multimode
2. Adaptor / Coupler Colour Aqua – multimode (UPC)
Blue – singlemode (UPC)
Green – singlemode (APC)
3. Fibre management Standard fibre kit included
4. Number of Loaded Ports 4, 8, 12, 16, 24
5. Maximum Fibre Capacity LC duplex (2 fibres per port) = 48 fibres in total

LC Patch Panel Product Codes

LC Duplex Product Codes
Multimode (50/125) Singlemode (9/125)
8 fibre capacity FPP-LC-D-MM-04 FPP-LC-D-SM-04
16 fibre capacity FPP-LC-D-MM-08 FPP-LC-D-SM-08
24 fibre capacity FPP-LC-D-MM-12 FPP-LC-D-SM-12
48 fibre capacity FPP-LC-D-MM-24 FPP-LC-D-SM-24
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