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LC Patch Panel 1U 24 Port – 96 Fibres

Perfect for Top-of-Rack

1U 19″ 48 Port Fibre Patch Panel

For 96 Fibres. MMF or SMF

In Stock for Next Day Delivery

Slide and Tilt Easy Access

Complete Connect 1U fibre patch panels offer customers a perfect way to present LC ports within data and server 19″ racks.

24 Port 1U Fibre Patch Panels

Our range of versatile fibre patch panels loaded with LC multimode or LC singlemode adaptors are available on a next day delivery in the UK and 2 to 3 days in Europe.

  • Designed for ease of installation
  • Slide and tilt function allows easy access
  • Two fixed installation positions (45 degree and 10 degree)
  • Designed for use with pre-terminated fibre
Internal fibre management
  • Multiple rear cable entry points (2 x 20mm round holes, 2 slots and 1 removable rear plate)
  • Multiple internal cable tie points
  • Various cable management options (standard kit, the blue spool, stackable splice trays)


  • Top of rack fibre distribution
  • Suited for pre-terminated fibre


  • Up to 96 fibres in 1U
  • Slide and tilt mechanism for easy installation
  • Panel can be recessed back from rack front

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1m to 15m
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LC Patch Panel Product Codes

LC Quad Product Codes
Multimode (50/125) Singlemode (9/125)
48 fibre capacity FPP-LC-Q-MM-12 FPP-LC-Q-SM-12
60 fibre capacity FPP-LC-Q-MM-15 FPP-LC-Q-SM-15
72 fibre capacity FPP-LC-Q-MM-18 FPP-LC-Q-SM-18
96 fibre capacity FPP-LC-Q-MM-24 FPP-LC-Q-SM-24
Our Stock
1. Fibre Type Multimode
2. Adaptor / Coupler Colour Aqua – multimode (UPC)
Blue – singlemode (UPC)
Green – singlemode (APC)
3. Fibre management Standard fibre kit included
4. Number of Loaded Ports 12, 15, 18, 24
5. Maximum Fibre Capacity LC Quad (4 fibres per port) = 96 fibres in total
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