M Compact Series 1U Panel

For all M310, M400 and M1000 products


  • M310 Series – LC Cassette Modules and Zonal MTP distribution
  • M400 Series 40G patch cord to trunk cable interface
  • M1000 Series 100G patch cord to trunk cable interface


  • Front Cable management
  • Clear port labelling
  • Rear cable management

The Complete Connect M Series Universal 1U Housing Panel supports all the M Series solutions.

The panel includes a front fibre management bar with port labelling and an adjustable rear cable management bar ensuring hassle free installation of trunk cables, MTP adaptor plates and modular cassettes.

The five slot design ensures that there is plenty of room for patching modules and managing the fibre. Each panel can be recessed by 50mm from the rack vertical supports to give even more patching space.

Each 1U panel can hold up to three M310 modular cassette giving up to 36 LC port (72 fibre) connections.

M310 singlemode modular cassettes and MTP zonal distribution plates can be used alongside multimode cassettes to give the greatest flexibility of connectivity within a 1U space.

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