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MPO Patch Cables

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Introduction to MPO Patch Cables

MPO patch cables are used in standard duplex networks for 1G and 10G and within parallel transmission networks for 40G, 100G and 200G. There are three types of MPO patch cable

   MPO 8 fibre connectors and 8 fibre cable

   MPO 12 fibre connectors and 12 fibre cable

   MPO 24 fibre connectors and 24 fibre cable

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Applications within 1G to 100G

Application within duplex 1G to 10G Ethernet networks

For these applications, MPO patch cables with 12 fibre connectors and 12 fibre cables are predominantly used. They are mainly located in distribution areas where high density patching fields are required. Using MPO patch cables as opposed to standard duplex LC – LC patch cables increases the patching density by a factor of six. Typically, these MPO patch cables will be polarity C and will have male MPO connectors and will connect to polarity C trunk/backbone MPO cables. The trunk cables will have MPO female connectors.

Application within duplex 25G Ethernet networks

This is the newest application for MPO patch cables. These cables use 8 fibre MPO connectors and 8 fibre cable and are used for BASE-8. although at the time of writing this application is in the early adoption phase it is projected to grow rapidly as more equipment is produced at 25G data rates.

Application within 40G and 100G SR4 or PSM4 Ethernet parallel transmission networks

Typically, these cables will use an MPO 12 fibre connector and 12 fibre cable. However, in the transmission of SR4 40G or 100G Ethernet only 8 fibres within these cables are used. The advantage of using 12 fibre cables (as opposed to 8 fibre) is that the cabling is often used alongside duplex 10G networking and so these cables can have multiple purposes and offer greater flexibility with negligible cost difference.

Multimode (OM3 or OM4 50/125) fibre MPO patch cables have three main applications in this application: –

To connect directly between two QSFP+ transceivers for 40GBase-SR4
To connect directly between two QSFP28 transceivers for 100GBase-SR4
To connect to MPO trunk cables

Singlemode (OS1 or OS2 9/125) fibre MPO patch cables have similar applications: –

To connect directly between two QSFP+ PLR4 (also called LR4 PSM) transceivers for 40G Ethernet
To connect directly between two QSFP28 PLR4 (also called LR4 PSM) transceivers for 100G Ethernet
To connect to MPO trunk cables

For both multimode and singlemode these patch cords will typically have polarity B and have female connectors.

The Main Application: 40G and 100G

40G parallel networks are created by combining MPO trunk cables and MPO patch cables via MPO adapter modules. Direct connection between two 40G or 100G ports can also be made using the same MPO patch cable. All these products are found within our M400 Series.

M400 Series: MPO Trunks and MPO Patch Cords

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Applications with 24 fibre MPO Connectors

These MPO patch cables have both 24 fibre cable and 24 fibre connectors. Multimode cables are used for 100GBASE-SR10 (100G Ethernet) connectivity. For the first generation of 100G Ethernet transmission SR10 was the standard. SR10 requires 20 fibres to transmit 10 x 10G channels and the transceiver ports accepted MPO 24 fibre connectors.

These cables are part of our M1000 Series.


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