M310 Series MPO (MTP) 24 Fibre OM3 Modular Cassette

Low Loss Fibre Networking

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Part Number M313-24LC-OM3-MOD-CASS
Polarity A/C
Fibre Type OM3 (50 / 125)
Fibre Capacity 24
Glass Fibre Corning Clearcurve®
Rear Connectivity MTP® ELITE 12 Fibre Connectors x 2
Rear Adaptors MTP® (Key Up / Key Down)
Front connectivity LC Low Loss Connectors x 24
Front Adaptors LC Ceramic Sleeve
Insertion Loss across cassette < 0.35 dB
Product Warranty 25 year fully covered

Complete Connect MTP cassette modules are designed for use across all areas of today’s data centres and within enterprise networks. M310 Series cassettes are robust modules to enable easy handling and fast installation. The M310 cassettes tool-less installation with Click-2-Connect® technology and snap rivets enable easy and secure installation.

LC presentation within 19” racks

M310 Series cassettes can be housed in either the M Series 1U or 3U housing panel and are locked into place with a simple latching mechanism. This negates the need for any tooling or specialist fibre installation skills. The M310 cassettes can then be connected to the network using M310 Series trunk cables and patch cords. The M310 Series modular cassette’s unique design enables both front and rear cassette installation.

Complete Connect are MPO MTP Specialists with 20+ years experience. Learn more About Us.

M310 Series Cassettes: Typical Applications
10g mtp fibre network
Technical Drawing
Optical Performance And Physical Specifications
MPO Multimode OM3 12 fibre Connector
Connector Housing Aqua
Ferrule MT ELITE
Typical Insertion Loss 0.10 dB (average)
Maximum Insertion Loss 0.35 dB (Max)
LC Multimode OM3 single fibre connectors
Connector Housing Standard Duplex
Ferrule LC singlemode high grade UPC
Typical Insertion Loss 0.08 dB (average)
Maximum Insertion Loss 0.15 dB (max)
Cable Design
Multimode OM3
Optical Core 50μm +/- 2.5μm diameter
Optical Claddinng 125μm +/- 1μm diameter
Primary Acrylate Coating 242μm +/- 5μm diameter
Core Concentricity 1.5μm
Core Concentricity Error <5%
Optical Performance
Multimode OM3 (50/125)
Attenuation Coefficient
dB/Km (installed)
850nm ≤ 2.5 Max
1300nm ≤0.7 Max
Attenuation Coefficient
dB/Km (un-installed)
850nm ≤ 2.3 Max
1300nm ≤0.6 Max
Overfill Launch Minimum
Bandwidth Mhz x Km
850nm ≥ 3500
1300nm ≥ 500
 Commitment to Excellence

Complete Connect are committed to providing the highest quality performing products. This is achieved through

  • Sourcing the best components
  • Utilising the lastest fibre termination technology
  • Maintaining rigorous processes

LC: IEC-61754-20
SC: IEC-61754-14

Cable Standards

TIA/EIA-568-C.3 and ISO/IEC 11801

Connector Standard

MPO: IEC-61754-7, EIA/TIA-604-5
Compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and REACH SvHC

Further Information

As well as cassettes modules and MTP trunks the Complete Connect Click-2-Connect portfolio includes different cassette housing options that enable different density of LC ports, MTP coupler plates for zonal distribution, harness/breakout cables and low loss patch cords/jumpers.

This range of products ensures there is the right solution for each area within a data centre from the MDA, to the HDA to the top-of-rack to the SAN.

The Click-2-Connect solution has been specifically designed to meet the operational and financial demands place on data centre managers. From an operational perspective, it offers a fibre network that is quick to deploy, reliable, high performing and easy to upgrade. From a financial one, it has a lower ROI due to the lower installation costs and is easier to budget for as its modular nature enables a grow-on-demand approach – match requirement directly to costs.

Cleaning MTP ports, MTP cables and transceiver ports

Complete Connect recommend using an IBC Branded MTP cleaning tool for cleaning all MTP cables and QSFP+ transceiver ports.
Complete Connect will supply this free of charge on orders of four or more 40G cables
Cleaning LC cables and SFP+ transceiver ports

Complete Connect recommend using an IBC Branded LC cleaning tool for cleaning all LC connectors and SFP+ transceiver ports.
Maximum transmission distances

The IEEE standard states that 400G can be transmitted at the following distances: OM3 less than 100m; OM4 less than 150m.


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