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MX Series LC to MTP + MTP-TAP to MTP Rear OM3 12 Fibre Tap Modular Cassette

Network Monitoring and Security

Polarity A/C
Fibre Type OM3 (50/125)
Fibre Capacity 12
Glass Fibre Corning Clearcurve®
Rear Connectivity MTP Trunk Port, MTP Tap Port
Front Connectivity LC Duplex Premium Low Loss (x12)
Rear Tap Connectivity MTP Trunk to MTP Tap
Loss Across Module (50:50 tap) 4.2 dB
Loss Across (70:30 tap) 2.6 dB (channel), 6.5 dB (tap)
Product Warranty 25 year fully covered

Complete Connect fibre TAP modules are designed for use to effectively monitor network traffic whilst optimising performance. The MX Series TAP Modules are tools that provide users with an understanding of network flow patterns by splitting traffic for monitoring and security without interrupting network traffic.

The range of MX TAP modules allow uni or bi-directional monitoring monitoring of traffic from MPO (MTP) trunk cables or from LC patch cord connections to electronic equipment (servers, switches, storage).



This is a uni-directional MTP TAP module that enables monitoring of traffic coming from into the cassette front the rear MTP trunk cable connections. The split ratio can be adjusted from 50:50 to 80:20.

MX Series cassettes can be housed in either the MX 1U or 2U housing panel and are locked into place with a simple latching mechanism. This negates the need for any tooling or specialist fibre installation skills. The MX cassettes can then be connected to the network using M Series trunk cables and patch cords. The MX Series modular cassette’s unique design enables both front and rear cassette installation.

By incorporating the MX Series TAP cassette modules into the MX panels alongside MX networking cassettes, the TAPs can be used across all areas of the data centres or within enterprise networks.

Technical Drawing
One MX uni-directional 12 fibre multimode TAP module can connect to a 12 fibre MTP trunk and to six SFP+ transceivers.
This enables monitoring of traffic from the MTP Trunk cable but does not monitor traffic sent into the MTP trunk.

Tx(MTP) 1 connects to RX 1 and RX(MTP) 1a. Rx(MTP) 1 connects to Tx1.

Optical Performance
 Split ratio Max Loss dB LC to LC Max Loss dB LC to LC TAP
50/50 4.2 4.2
60/40 3.3 5.8
70/30 2.6 6.5
80/20 2.0 8.3


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