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MX Series MTP Adaptor Coupler Modules

MTP to MTP Cable Connections

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Part Number MX-MTP-MTP
Coupler / Adaptor Type Key UP to Key Down (opposed)
Coupler / Adaptor Colour Black
Couplers / Adaptors per module Up to 8
Modules per 1U Panel 5
Modules per 2U Panel 12
Applications 10G, 40G, 100G, Zonal distribution
Alternate Products
Part Number Key up to key up (aligned)
Coloured Adaptors Red, blue, yellow, green, aqua, purple

Complete Connect MX Series MTP modules are designed for use across all areas of today’s data centres and within enterprise networks. They enable connections between two MTP trunk cables for zonal distribution, between MTP SR4 patch cords and MTP trunks for 40G, 56G and 100G SR4 networking and for connections between MTP-LC breakout cables and MTP trunk cables for direct LC port connection. Each MTP module can be loaded with up to 8 MTP adaptors/couples.

Choose different coloured MTP adaptors to clearly designate ports

Complete Connect offer the complete range of key up / key down (opposed) coloured adaptors; black, red, blue, green, yellow, violet, mustard, aqua, purple. This enables the network manager to clearly mark MTP ports. We also offer the key up / key up grey adaptor.

MX MTP Port Presentation
MX 1U Housing Panel
mtp mpo module

Rear Strain Relief for Trunk Cable Connections

Easy access for making connections

mtp-mpo-8way-module aqua adatpers

Front and Rear Loading

For both the 1U and 2U housing panel

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