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QSFP+ Cable Options

40G QSFP+ Fibre Cables and QSFP+ DAC Cables

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QSFP+ Cables & Patch Cords

Our M400 Series includes QSFP+ cables to connect directly between two QSFP+ (or QSFP28) transceivers. These QSFP+ cables can also connect to trunk cables to create a structured channel.

Transmission can be over multimode fibre (OM3 or OM4) via SR4 or over singlemode fibre (OS2) via PSM4. The M400 Series supports both 40GBASE-SR4 network and 100GBASE-SR4.

QSFP+ to QFP+ 40G Direct attach copper cable DAC

QSFP+ to QSFP+ Cables

Our range of DAC QSFP+ to QSFP+ cables will provide a complete link between 40G module/line cards.

These cables are available in both passive and active types and are pre-programmed to match you equipment brand.

Each QSFP+ cable can be programmed to a different brand of networking equipment.

QSFP+ Cable Product Example: QSFP+ to QSFP+ 40G DAC Cable
QSFP28 QSFP28 100G direct attach copper DAC Cable
Part Number Please see below
Compatibility Please see below
Data Rate (Per Channel) 10.3125 Gbp/s
Aggregate Bit Rate 41.2 Gbp/s
Transmission Distance Up to 5m (Passive), 10m (Active)
QSFP+ End 1 QSFP+ MSA SFF 8436 Compliant
QSFP+ End 2 QSFP+ MSA SFF 8436 Compliant
Power Supply Single 3.3V
Temperature Range -5 to +70°C
RoHS RoHS-6 compliant (lead-free)
Product Warranty 25 year fully covered


Complete Connect high performance 40G QSFP+ to QSFP+ direct attach copper (DAC) cables provide a very cost effective I/O solution for 40G Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications.

They allow hardware manufactures to achieve high port density, configuration and utilisation at a very low cost and at a greatly reduced power budget.

Perfect for connecting 40 GbE modules between servers, storage and switches over short distances. These DAC cables support 40GBASE-CR4. All twinax DAC cables are RoHS compliant and lead free.

Passive QSFP+ DAC Cables

Part Number Passive / Active Distance
DPQ40Q40-001-XXX (*) Passive 1.0m
DPQ40Q40-002-XXX (*) Passive 2.0m
DPQ40Q40-003-XXX (*) Passive 3.0m
DPQ40Q40-005-XXX (*) Passive 5.0m
DPQ40Q40-007-XXX (*) Passive 7.0m

*See Compatibility Codes below

Active QSFP+ DAC Cables

Part Number Passive / Active Distance
DAQ40Q40-001-XXX (*) Active 1m
DAQ40Q40-003-XXX (*) Active 3m
DAQ40Q40-005-XXX (*) Active 5m
DAQ40Q40-007-XXX (*) Active 7m
DAQ40Q40-010-XXX (*) Active 10m
DAQ40Q40-012-XXX (*) Active 12m
DAQ40Q40-015-XXX (*) Active 15m

MSA Compliant

All our Direct Attach Copper (DAC) cables are built to MSA (Multi Source Agreement) standards and are extensively tested to ensure 100% compatibility with a huge range of leading switch and device manufacturers. Our QSFP+ DAC cables are fully compliant with MSA SFF 8436.

Lifetime Performance Warranty

We are very confident in the performance and reliability of our DAC (direct attach copper) cables that we offer a lifetime performance warranty. This is combined with our outstanding service and support levels to ensure complete peace of mind.


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