Main Reasons to use Pre-Terminated Fibre

Lower cost, better performance, more product options, greater volumes

We offer world class factory terminated fibre cabling on the best lead times

Fibre networking has changed

On-site termination has been superseded with machine polished direct terminated connectors


Multi-stage polishing. Direct connectorisation. High grade ferrules.

Incredibly Fast

Multiple simultaneous terminations carried out using multi-stage polishing

Stringently tested

More sophisticated testing equipment ensures the lowest losses

1. Total Cost of Installation

Surveys have shown that installing pre-terminated fibre can save between 30% – 45% on most installations.

Our own survey conducted last year polled UK installation companies across the UK and demonstrated similar % savings when using pre-terminated fibre.
The main areas of saving split into 2: –
1. Reduced number of man days for a project to be completed
2. Reduced equivalent product cost

By far the biggest saving came from reducing the number of site man-days that were required. Cost reductions came from

Reducing direct labour costs (actual time to install and test)

Installing is quicker as there is no terminations required
Testing is quicker using a pre-term as only a simple light source and power meter test is required.

Reducing the total number of site days required

Reduces wasted travel time to and from site from multiple site trips
Reduces cost of travel and wear and tear on vehicles
Eliminates daily set up and clear up costs
Eliminates wasted time gaining entry to a site

The actual product cost is also reduced because of the following reasons

  • Cost of terminations is lower for a pre-termiated fibre
    Fibre terminated in a controlled factory environment is much faster than any on-site method so labour cost per termination is much lower.
  • The set up time and cost with on-site terminations are avoided with pre-terminated fibre. Dedicated termination stations allow the maximum throughput of terminations per day and add to the lowering of the cost per termination
  • The connectors used are cheaper than an equivalent pigtails.
  • Due to the volumes of terminations being carried out, economies of scale on all consumable products are achieved.
  • Measuring, cutting and reeeling cable are easier and enables a fast set up.
  • If something unexpected happens then we have all the products in stock to remedy the situation. There is no wasted time or extra site visits.
  • With a dedicated testing area and multi-fibre test equipment we can test each fibre much more quickly than any on-site single fibre testing.

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2. Pre-Terminated Fibre Links have lower losses and consistent termination quality

Not all manufacturers of pre-terminated solutions use the same method and so it is advisable to check with your supplier the method and equipment they use.
For a high performance fibre link the following are required: –

    • High Quality Connectors and ferrules
    • A quality 2 part epoxy resin
    • Multistage machine polishing process using different grades of precision abrasive paper and different polishing speeds.
    • Between stage testing
    • Quality assured Testing methods using reliable equipment

When combined with a mult-stage, precision abrasive machine polish this produces a higher performing lower loss connection compared to either hand polishing or splicing pigtails

3. Being able to use alternative connectivity options

Using Harnesses / Fan-Outs / Hybrid Trunks
If rackspace is in short supply then using a ruggedised harness (ruggedised fan-out) enables a direct equipment link to be established without the need for a 1U patch panel.
With harnesses available up to 144 fibres this is an excellent way to save rackspace.

Harness to Patch Panel Links
Creating a patch panel to harness link in the field has numerous difficultites where as a pre-terminated link between a patch panel and a harness can be easily installed.

MTP Products
MTP can only be terminated under factory conditions. With the demands on bandwidth increasing the use of MTP 12 fibre connectors is becoming more and more common

4. Benefits to the customer when you reduce your time on-site

For most Network and Data Centre Managers the less time engineers are on-site the better.

With a pre-terminated solution the on-site installation time is greatly reduced.

For example, many of our customers have installed a 24 fbre link between patch panels in 20 minutes. This includes pulling the cable and testing.

The other main benefit is that there is no stripping of cables, cutting of fibres or cleaning fibres which means no associated mess to tidy up.

Recent surveys have shown that time on-site for installation is a bigger factor than price when network managers are choosing an installation company.

5. Reduce the need for extra expensive equipment and training

With the combined costs of most splicers and cleavers being around £6000, removing the need to increase your capital outlay in order to support your engineering teams is a great benefit.
Most installation companies have more engineers than fibre termination equipment. With a pre-termiated fibre, you don’t have to worry about where your OTDR is, or which project your fusion splicer is being used on.

6. To be able to complete larger installations without the need to recruit contract labour

By using pre-terminated fibre, large projects can be installed with a reduced equivalent labour force because the time to install a link is dramatically reduced.
This means that the need to recruit additional labour is reduced or eliminated.
That has benefit of having your own trusted and well trained engineers doing all the work.

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