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BT Data Centre Solutions

M310 Series Data Centre Solution

BT were looking for a data centre 10G fibre network that could be installed in a very short timescale with minimal on-site work.
They choose Complete Connect’s M310 Series Networking Solution because we could offer short lead times and a complete end-to-end network for top of rack, end of row and distribution area/meet me patching fields.
Complete Connect delivered a solution that provided over 6000 10G fibre ports within a 5 week timescale to enable a critical go-live date to be achieved.

“By offering short lead times and total project support we achieved the customers goals”
Complete Connect MD

M310 Series Data Centre Solution

Shell were looking to expand their current data centre 10G fibre network. The incumbent MTP solution provider could not meet the deadlines required and so Complete Connect were asked to supply a full solution that could meet an important go-live schedule. We were able to deliver a comprehensive solution that enabled installation to proceed as planned.
The 10G solution included customised patch cords and two thousand 10G fibre ports presented at both equipment cabinets, end-of-row distribution areas and across their Meet-me room.A substantial cost saving was achieved by the client and the expansion met the required deadline.

“The incumbent couldn’t deliver, Complete Connect could. And did.”
Complete Connect Business Development Director
SONY Europe

M310 Series Data Centre Solution

Sony had a very tight go-live date for their European gaming expansion which included working around scheduled network downtime.
Complete Connect provided a modular MTP based solution that consisted of over 1500 fibre ports in equipment racks and distribution area patching fields.
The project was completed with custom solution in the required timescales when no one else could meet these demands and enabled Sony to achieve the important network upgrades they required.

“By combining 10G and 40G we saved rack space and cost”
Complete Connect – Account Manager
CERN Organisation for European Nuclear Research

Customised MTP High Fibre Assemblies

At CERN, physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. They use the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter – the fundamental particles.
Complete Connect worked with CERN to provide customised MTP 48 fibre connector assemblies with complex wiring and ruggedised housings to ensure compatibility to inhouse complex computer systems.
The project also included the manufacture of bespoke PRIZM® LightTURN® fibre assemblies to sister organisations within the UK as part of a wider programme.
Why Our Customers Stay With Us

All solutions meet or exceed the applicable international standards for data centres (including those relating to data centre physical layers), enterprise networks and fibre channels.

All solutions are factory terminated, tested and backed up by a full product warranty meaning no-site terminations.

Using only the industry’s leading components and cables and cutting edge manufacturing processes, Complete Connect guarantees excellent levels of product performance.
Flexibility and Service

M310 series provides a comprehensive range of high density MPO MTP® pre-terminated multi-fibre networking solutions.

Self installable, compact, modular 10 Gbps fibre channels with the capability to scale up to 40Gbps and 100Gbps.

Industry leading lead times on all product sets from 3 – 5 days from receipt of order – This includes all our MTP products.

Quotes returned within the hour (including pricing and lead times).

All products and solutions designed and packaged to ensure rapid and simple installation. No specialist fibre tools required.
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