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Short Lead Times For Pre-Terminated Fibre Cables

Choosing Pre-Terminated Cables Doesn’t Mean Long Lead Times!

Complete Connect have established themselves as one of the UK and Europe’s leading suppliers of pre-terminated cabling solutions, focusing on MPO/MTP interconnect technology as well as standard loose tube, tight buffered and various types of ruggedised and re-deployable fibre cables.
All these solutions offer a considerably faster deployment timescales through self-installable plug and play installation. They also offer greatly improved performance with considerably more reliable factory terminated and tested terminations and scalability and future-proofing is also better as the ability to migrate to 40G and 100G Ethernet and beyond is made much easier.

What many people do not know however is that we can deliver a custom fibre assemblies both from our extensive (& growing) stock portfolio and in as little as 3 days for a custom cable!

We also have the ability to deliver these cables globally using our next day/2 day international courier service.

pre-terminated tight buffered specification
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So what exactly does this mean for you?


  • You benefit from a faster deployment time, in some case up to 80% faster than traditional fibre installations
  • No testing or trouble shooting is required as all cables are factory tested using state of the art testing equipment
  • No need to wait for a new link or node to be installed. With our solutions you can be up and running in days, not weeks


If you are looking for a reliable pre-terminated cable source then look no further, give the team at Complete Connect a call today.

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