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QSFP+ Direct Attach Copper DAC Cable

What is a Direct Attach Copper (DAC) Cable?

A Direct Attach Copper cable or a DAC cable is a type of cable that connects switches to routers or servers. DAC cables are becoming increasingly popular, not just within data centers but within wider areas of the industry. To further understand their advantages, lets talk more in detail about what Direct Attach Copper are and how they are used.

What Is A Direct Attach Copper Cable?

DAC cables are made from copper and are factory terminated copper/twinax cables. DAC cables are used to connect appliances, usually involving switches, routers and servers. They’re assembled from shielded copper cables of a coaxial or fiber optic nature. They’re of a fixed length and are fitted with transceivers on either end of the cable with gauges attached. These can be from 24 up to 30 AWG, while 15 meters of interconnection is possible via the copper cable and if an optical cable is used instead, 100 meters can be reached at 10Gbps, 40Gbps or even more than that.

There are different types of high speed DAC cables you should be aware of too. We’ve already mentioned two of the main categories: copper and optical options. There are also passive and active types of DAC cables. Active copper wires use electronics to connect via the connections and transmissions are made via the copper ends. To put it simply, passive DAC cables do not contain any components that are electrical, minimising power usage. Active cables benefit from boosted signals and use more power but ensure better quality transmissions.

What Are They Used For and How?

The most basic and fundamental use of DAC cables is for the connection made between switches and routers and/or servers. They are used widely in data centers and they’re becoming more broadly used in network industries. This is because of their reliable performance and the ease of finding them. These cables are also more affordable when compared to other optic cables. In addition, they’re also compatible with 10G switched delivered by 48x SFP+ ports found in a rack unit.

DAC cables are extremely dependable, and it makes it possible for connections to be made swiftly, reliably and affordably in all kinds of industries. If you need to connect switches to a router or a server for whatever reason or end function, these cables are the ones that you should be considering. It’s no coincidence that so many companies, across a broad spectrum of industries are now turning to DAC cables to help them meet their needs.

If you need a little more help and advice with any of our range of Direct Attach Copper Cables, then please do not hesitate to let us know.

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