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MTP PRO OM3 Patch Cord

What is the MTP Pro Connector?

MTP Pro® connectors enable on-site gender change and some polarity type changes

The use of MTP Pro® connectors are becomingly increasingly common due to the seamless changes they offer whilst on-site. They allow for quick and easy amendments to cable gender and polarity (for some cable types), meaning that they are now being swapped in as an alternative to standard MTP connectors.

Typically, the connectors have been adopted for use within SR4 40G and 100G networking, allowing you to easily extend your existing network if required.

The design of the MTP Pro connector has eliminated the risk of delicate fibres being exposed when the connector housing is removed, which enables competent technicians to carry out re-configurations.

It should be acknowledged that there are restrictions on the use of MTP Pro connectors. If you’re unsure on the use of these connectors with your requirements then please chat to one of our technical team via the chat window below.

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The MTP Pro connector.

Why choose the MTP Pro Connector?

It provides you with the flexibility to make changes or upgrades to your network without having to source specialist engineers to carry out gender or polarity changes.

The risk of damage is reduced, as the connectors improved durability means that cables placed under pressure are offered extra resilience.

Project timescales are reduced significantly due to the minimal risk of damaging delicate fibres if gender change or polarity change is required.

Cables can easily be used in different locations or for different applications.


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